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Sili-Scoop - Weed Loading and Tamping Tool

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How to load a bowl or pipe without actually touching the herb? You will truly value this little nifty gadget if you don't want to touch sticky herb flower. Sili-Scoop attaches to the bottom of your BIC lighter. You can also use other lighters or even your finger inside the Sili-Scoop)

One side of the Sili-Scoop allows you to carefully scoop the flower from the grinder or the bag. Please use smaller portions to help pack a perfect bowl

sili-scoop loading weed into its bowl from a grinder

This little nifty gadget can scoop your dry herb from the grinder and pack the bowl without touching the weed. This Sili-Scoop loading and tamping tool is perfect if:

  • You have cannabis allergy and touching flower results in nasal, ocular, or eye allergy symptoms including runny nose, sneezing, itching, and swelling, watering eyes.
  • You have long nails or simply don't want to ruin your nails by touching the flower
  • You simply hate sticky, smelly fingers.

Now you can efficiently put the dry herb inside the bowl, align with the bowl and slightly on and off push on the side of the Sili-Scoop. Watch the demonstration video below!

sili-scoop loading a bowl of weed

The opposing side of the Sili-Scoop can be used to tap the flower in the bowl. It also pushes the burned weed closer to the fresh green, this makes it light fuller and stay lit longer due to the lack of oxygen in between the buds. Master the art of how to hit a pipe with a perfectly loaded bowl.

sili-scoop tamping a weed bowl to pack it

It may take a few tries for you to master your skill but it's absolutely worth it. Sili-Scoop makes a perfect gift for your friends and it's a great conversation piece. This gadget was designed by our team for your enhanced experience just like all other products we design.

Product information

Medical-Grade Silicone, Aircraft-Grade Aluminum, Borosilicate Glass.

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Its very easy to clean our MAZE-X pipes. Simply disassemble them put in ziplock bag and add 70% or 90% isopropyl alcohol for 15-20 minutes. Remove and wash with dish soap in small container or under running warm water. Dry thoroughly before assembling the pipe back together.

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Rosendo Valdez
Happy customer

Great products and innovative. I purchased a new tool, that helps pack my bowl and I love it!
Thank you.

A heck of a concept!

Overall, this works pretty well. It's easy to keep clean and time saving once you get the hang of it. The one step the instructions lack is to be sure to pack down about the first 1/4 to 1/3 of the weed so it is stable at the filter, then fill up the rest of the cone.

Lindsay Jensen

Love it

Nicole H.
Super kool

Thought this was a joke, but it really works well & you'll never lose it cause it's on your lighter! Genius! Puts the weed where it needs to go!

david m leon
Great Idea ...