Maze-X Pipe - Waterless Filtering and Cooling Pipe

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The Maze-X Pipe was recently rigorously tested, approved, and officially endorsed by American Cannabis Nurse Association  (ACNA).

Maze-X is the only medically inclined pipe on the market today officially approved by US medical association. 

The Maze-X Pipe is the healthiest way to smoke! It's specifically designed to make your smoking experience more pleasant and safer through filtering and cooling the smoke. Say goodbye to harsh smoke that burns your throat and hello to Weedgets Maze-X Pipe, the healthiest smoking device on the market! Our patented, cough-less technology reduces smoke temperature while removing hot resin and tar to protect your lungs and throat through the marijuana pipe’s unique design. This is why the Maze-X Pipe is the best weed pipe on the market; cleaner, smoother, and cooler smoke that drastically reduces coughing making it safer for your lungs. Gentle puffs allow even customers with asthma and COPD to enjoy their medicine. Make no mistake: this is a luxury pipe.

gold colored best weed pipe with features

The main body of the Maze-X pipe is made with extremely sturdy, aircraft-grade aluminum. Inside the aluminum casing is a medical-grade silicone coil, a higher quality than food-grade silicone used in cooking. Medical-grade silicone is inert and it provides excellent heat resistance. Designed for short gentle puffs, the filtering weed pipe creates safe, light, and very smooth hits.

The Maze-X Pipe’s bowl is a removable, borosilicate glass bowl. Borosilicate glass has a higher thermal expansion coefficient meaning it can bear up against extreme temperature changes without cracking or breaking. It also has a much higher melting point than regular glass, making it highly fire-resistant, difficult to burn, and perfect for this smoking pipe. This large glass bowl fits about 0.5 grams of tobacco or legal herb.

You can also get set of 3 extra GLASS BOWLS as spares. Especially useful when you are on the go you can pre-pack extra glass bowls with herb at home and swap the bowls instead of cleaning and reloading while traveling. We also designed the carry-on smell proof GLASS BOWL CASE that you can use for your connivance 

cross-section image of the internals of the Maze-X pipe

The Maze-X Pipe has a cap that can be closed even while the cherry is burning! Take a few puffs, close the cap to put out the cherry, and save the herb until next time. You can move the cap out of the way by flipping it and snapping it to the bottom of the pipe so the lid is not dangling while you are enjoying your sesh.


Activated Carbon Filters: Optionally, our new nano crystal Activated Carbon Filters fit perfectly into Maze-X pipe to further filter the smoke from residual resin and tar. Simply plug in the charcoal filter into the open end of the mouth tip.

depiction of how to insert a charcoal fitler into the maze-x pipe

Try our new SILI SCOOP weed scooping and tamping tool to load your Maze-X Pipe bowl avoiding sticky fingers and the stank of the dank.

The Maze-X Pipe is designed to be easy to clean. Pull all of the components apart, put them in a ziplock bag, add 70% isopropyl alcohol (no salt), soak/shake for 20-30 min, remove and rinse under warm water with dish soap, pat dry, and reassemble.

how to clean maze-x pipe

The Maze-X Pipe is the best weed pipe on the market and it makes a perfect gift for any occasion or for your favorite stoners. Check out the recent review in Swagger Magazine!

Packaging: MAZE-X pipe is well packaged and it comes in its own plastic box with cover 


You can order extra or replacements parts for MAZE-X Pipe:


  • Medical-grade silicone for the body and bowl cover
  • Handle made with anodized aircraft-grade thick aluminum
  • Bowl made with borosilicate glass


  • No metal taste
  • Cools smoke
  • Blocks resin and tar
  • Won’t burn your throat
  • Makes smoke cleaner
  • Will not break on falls
  • Allows you to use charcoal filters 
  • Easy to clean with degreasing dish soap

Product information

Medical-Grade Silicone, Aircraft-Grade Aluminum, Borosilicate Glass.

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Its very easy to clean our MAZE-X pipes. Simply disassemble them put in ziplock bag and add 70% or 90% isopropyl alcohol for 15-20 minutes. Remove and wash with dish soap in small container or under running warm water. Dry thoroughly before assembling the pipe back together.

Customer Reviews

Based on 474 reviews
Black Talon
Nice pipe will fit a niche

I have enjoyed using the Maze-X over the past week these are my first impressions - lightweight; excellent glass bowl; easy to light; carborator perfectly located on side to keep bowl burning throughout session; easy disassembly for cleaning. Do as instructed don’t rip hard as it’s not necessary.
The main issue I have is with the end tip that holds the replacement filters it should be much firmer
I do recommend the product - it won’t replace my Mighty Plus or water pipe but it adds a great on the go option to get cool clean smoke. The replacement filters are great! After three or four bowls you will need to replace.

Art Werner

Confused on the best way to clean. Alcohol and rubber are not a good mix.

Art, thank you , thats exactly how you need to clean it . Silicone will not be damaged by alcohol. Directions are on the back of the box. Contact us if you need more clarification.

Michael A. Simpson

So, I have been in circulation for a number of decades, and have consumed cannabis for around 54 years of them in myriad ways. Never have I found a pipe that cools, and filters, as well as these do. The design offers a dramatic, and welcome, improvement when it comes to bronchial inflammation induced by high temperature smoke from conventional pipes. It is an ingenious approach augmented by carbon filtration that offers a much more pleasant draw without discomfort/harshness. Used as directed, the experience of smoking is much more pleasant than with other THC delivery systems I have used.
Given the thought put into the design, quality of materials, and manufacturing, I suspect this pipe will serve me well for years to come.

In my opinion, this is an excellent product, and worth every $ as far as I am concerned…so much so that I also purchased one for my spouse. Happiness abounds!

Maze X pipe

I highly recommend it!

James Wagner
Favorite one for our sessions

What can I say other than you guys are the bomb!!