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Doob Tube Kit - Smell Proof & Waterproof Metal Dube Tube

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33 reviews
Color: Black

Our one-of-a-kind patented, metal Doob Tube Kit has an integrated, reusable, easy-to-clean joint filter that removes resin and tar from smoke. The reusable filter tip inside the joint holder adds another layer of filtering giving you smooth, clean hits. The Doob Tube Kit can be used for cigars, blunts, joints, or pre-rolls!

doob tube with filter tip

The airtight, watertight seal makes the joint case perfect for skiing, snowboarding, fishing, kayaking, or diving - always stay safe, dry, and smell proof inside the DoobTube.

open doob tube showing the joint filter tip

The washable joint filter also protects your mouth and lungs from hot bits of resin and tar, preventing any tongue or throat burns. Crafted from biodegradable and non-toxic materials, the Doob Tube is sustainable and safe for the environment.

doob tube with a pre-rolled joint in the filter tip

The Weedgets Doob Tube Kit is the premier dube tube for the active smoker. This Doob Tube Kit makes a perfect birthday gift. Its is also a great 420 gift for your friends and family. 



  • Aircraft grade aluminum Doob Tube case
  • Reusable filter tip blocks resin and tar
  • Smell proof and watertight when closed
  • Filter tip protects your lungs
  • Filter tip fits joints, blunts, and pre-rolls
  • Allows additional charcoal filter (optional)
Color: Black

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Customer Reviews

Based on 33 reviews
Wilson Lopes

Better than expected

Well made, does as it should

Super useful, well made, couldn't ask for more.

Kimberly C.

I LOVE my Doob Tube. Works awesome. So glad I got it. Love the filter that comes with it.

Victor Carter
Best in class!

I bought the black, friend bought the blue. I've said " I love my pipe " and my friend who bought one said the same at least 50 times...best described as modern take on a pipe...21 century technology.

Volney Quinlan
Get it!!!

What a quality product! The Doob Tube is a must for a true toker.