Prepared For Anything Bundle

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The “Prepared for Anything” Bundle is the complete weed smoker bundle for the conscientious smoker:

  • (1) Maze-X Pipe
  • (1) Doob Tube
  • (1) Stash Bag
  • (1) Pack of Tik-Toke Reusable Filter Tips (starter Kit - set of 4)
  • (1) Pack of Borosilicate Glass Bowls

blue maze-x pipe with cap

The “Prepared for Anything Bundle” starts with the Maze-X Pipe: unprecedented smoke smoothness. This is how every pipe should be; lots less coughing and more protection for your lungs. This incredible Maze-X Pipe has a patented coughless technology inside, drastically cooling smoke and removing hot resin and tar.

The Tik-Toke Resuable Filter Tips are designed for your enhanced smoking pleasure. They eliminate smoke harshness and protect your fingers from unwanted tar smell. They even filter resin and tar as well as cool the smoke, minimizing coughing. Our filter tips allow you to smoke your tobacco or legal dry herb without waste, and without burning your fingers. 

tik-toke joint filter tips

The Maze-X Pipe and Tik-Tokes Filter Tips are made from the highest medical grade silicone available, and they don't burn.

doob tube with product features

This one-of-a-kind patented Doob Tube Kit is an aircraft grade aluminum strength joint case that has an integrated, reusable, easy-to-clean, real joint filter that removes resin, tar and burn material. Take it skiing, snowboarding, fishing, kayaking or diving with it, your joint is always safe and dry.

smell proof stash bag


Weedgets inconspicuous 6.5"x 9.5" Smell Proof Stash Bags come fully equipped with a secure, built-in combination lock and have full active carbon lined PU leather. This odor proof bag has multiple pockets for organizing all of your Weedgets products and goods. It's perfect for odorless travel and stash storage.

borosilicated glass blow dimensions and measurements

Our Borosilicate Glass Bowls are intended to be used as replacement or additional extra bowls with our Maze-X Pipe. Your order will come as a 3-pack with a case.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
John Christian
Very satisfied

The bundle was a great value! Sometimes the description of the products are over blown but not in this case. It's smoothest smoking pipes that I have ever used.

Chris Hattie

Prepared For Anything Bundle

Joseph Calcagno

Nothing to ask

Michael Gidda

Better than I thought, taste in every smoke. Easy clean. I take it everywhere.

Michael Rausa

Love it