Weedgets Community Welcomes you! We set a goal of creating superior products for your enjoyment, which enhance inhalation, essential for both medical and recreational users. Weedgets are discrete, low cost group of products which create much smoother, cooler and vape-like smoke from whole plant flower. Joints, one-hitters, pipes and larger inhalation apparatus can now be augmented to create tastefully pleasant, clean, resin-free cannabis smoke. Low cost and portable, smoking whole plant flower can now elevate your experience to the new high.

Just taste the difference!

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Weedgets Corporate Mission

To create enhanced wellness via comfortable, clean and eco-friendly smoking devices, which rival the inhalation experience of vaping. Our company is committed to promoting all the health benefits of the natural cannabis plant; its terpenes and other healing properties delivered in the entourage effect, via our carefully crafted adapters. Weedgets enhance the experience of inhalation for both the recreational consumer and the medical patient.

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