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You can't go wrong with our SLIDER Pipe, which uses waterless cooling and filtration technology, designed to protect your lungs from unwanted resin and tar.

This pipe fits perfectly inside your pocket, and the retractable bowl allows you to hide your goods inside the handle. This way, when you're traveling or not smoking, your tobacco or legal dry flower will stay put. A retracted bowl will also put the cherry out faster, keeping your fingers and lighter clean, while conserving and saving you a ton! 

The smoke has unprecedented smoothness and lightness. Cooler and cleaner smoke minimizes coughing and blocks resin and tar from your lungs. 


  • Cools Off Smoke
  • Blocks Resin and Tar
  • Makes Smoke Smooth 
  • Protects your Lungs
  • Removable Mouth Tip (Doubles as a Joint Filter Tip)
  • Eliminates Virus Spread
  • Retractable Bowl (Refillable with PODs)
  • Extremely Easy to Clean

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