MAZE-X Pipe - smoke filtering & cooling for smoother hits & safer lungs

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Color: Blue

MAZE-X Pipe is the healthiest way to smoke and its specifically designed to make your smoking experience much more pleasant and lots more safer through smoke filtering and smoke cooling. We want you to say goodbye to harsh throat burning smoke and hello to Weedgets MAZE-X Pipe, the healthiest smoke device on the market! Our patented cough-less technology reduces smoke temperature while removing hot resin and tar to give your lungs all the protection they need. This is why the MAZE-X Pipe is the best weed pipe on the market; cleaner, smoother, and cooler smoke drastically reduces coughing making it safer for your lungs. Gentle puffs allow even customers with asthma and COPD to enjoy their medicine. 

gold maze-x pipe with features

The MAZE-X Pipe’s bowl is a removable borosilicate large glass bowl. The body of the Maze-X Pipe is made of medical grade silicone, better than food grade silicone used in cooking. Medical silicone is inert and it provides excellent heat resistance.  Designed for short gentle puffs, this pot pipe creates safe, light, and very smooth hits as it filters smoke.

cross-section image of the internals of the Maze-X pipe

CHARCOAL FILTERS: Optionally, our new nano crystal CHARCOAL FILTERS fit perfectly into MAZE-X pipe to further filter the smoke from residual resin and tar making smoke even more pleasant to inhale. Simply plug in the charcoal filter filter into the open end of the mouth tip. 

depiction of how to insert a charcoal fitler into the maze-x pipe

The pipe handle is made from anodized, aircraft grade aluminum for cooler smoke. The washable, reusable bowls are borosilicate glass. Borosilicate glass has a higher thermal expansion coefficient meaning it can bear up against extreme temperature changes without cracking or breaking. It also has a much higher melting point than regular glass, making it highly fire-resistant, difficult to burn, and perfect for this smoking pipe. This large glass bowl fits about 0.5 grams of tobacco or legal herb.

Try our new SILI-SCOOP tool to load and tamper your Maze-X Pipe bowl avoiding sticky fingers to keep your fingers clean without the stank of the dank. 

The MAZE-X Pipe is designed to be easy to clean. Simply pull all components apart, put them in a ziplock bag, add 70% isopropyl alcohol (no salt), soak/shake for 20-30 min, remove and rinse under warm water with dish soap, pat dry and reassemble.

how to clean maze-x pipe

MAZE-X is the coolest weed pipe and it makes a perfect gift for any occasion or a great gift idea for your favorite stoners.


You can order replacements parts for MAZE-X Pipe:


  • Medical grade silicone for the body and bowl cover
  • Handle made with anodized aircraft grade thick aluminum for cooler smoke
  • Bowl made with borosilicate glass


  • No metal taste
  • Cools smoke
  • Blocks resin and tar
  • Won’t burn your throat
  • Makes smoke cleaner
  • Will not break on falls
  • Allows you to use charcoal filters 
  • Easy to clean with degreasing dish soap

MAZE-X pipe is a luxury smoking pipe and our store is luxury smoking accessories smoke shop.

Product information

Medical Grade Silicone, Aircraft Grade Aluminum, Borosilicate Glass.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 342 reviews

Best I have used ever, and I am 60. Love love love the lid. Sometimes we don't always finish what we have in there and to be able to close the lid for later is a game changer for us. We also started using the charcoal filters and they really add that extra help for no cough hits.

Valerie Levine
Safer smoking experience

I can tell that the smoke from the maze-x pipe is cooler and cleaner than from any other pipe or bong that I have use. My health is important to me; so I want the safest smoking experience possible, and I believe that is what I am getting.

William A Saideh
Best Ever!

I love both the Maze X & Slider Pipe. Add in the charcoal filters and these make a world of a difference! Amazing!

Anthony Moore
Waited for a year of use before my review

So Ive had the maze x for a year. In fact, I just bought another one when they went on sale.
Ive been an avid consumer for about 30 yrs now. Of course tried all kinds of consumption options. I love flower. Dont care for extracts all too much.
The maze X is my favorite pipe of all pipes. All..
It hits extremely smooth. Its by far one of the easiest to clean.
Its portable. The bowl pops out when your done and you can simply pop in a new bowl filled & ready to go.
This is very good when traveling. I hike alot. I keep my maze x, extra loaded bowl (wrapped in cellophane) and a lighter in a eyeglass case in my backpack. It works great.
The pipes rubber cap keeps the bowl from spilling anywhere. It also helps put out the bowl when its hot. & you need a break

None of my tools work as well as the maze x. Since I got the first one I have never used any of my old ones.
If I had to say any negatives—- the rubber does get imparted with a bowl smell that is hard to minimize. But I only notice it if directly smelling the rubber part. Also I noticed the new maze x I just received is slightly different from my old one so the parts dont seem to fit between the devices if I mix the parts up.
Example- the rubber bowl covers are slightly different in size.
Anyway, these are minimal negatives..
This pipe is highly recommended if you want something incredibly smooth, easy to clean, very convenient to travel with, and so easy to reload.. (highly recommend the extra set of bowls!

James Dunning
This pipe is great for a non-smoker

I have never been a smoker, not even tobacco. When I started using weed, I always turned to edibles, oils and just decarbing and eating on a cracker. My biggest drawback was the time to get high and the time to come down. I tried smoking but found it very harsh and would burn my throat or take too much and cough until I got sick. With maze- x I have found a smooth draw without the throat burn and no coughing at all. I also used the weedgets filter to protect my lungs. The pipe is extremely easy to clean, and I no longer have the "dirty ash tray" smell when I use it. I am very satisfied with the 3 days I have used the maze-X. The only negative is it is larger than I had anticipated. I can live with that. I highly recommend this pipe.

Weedget's patented weed pipes provide unprecedented smoke smoothness using medical grade silicone technology that cools smoke and removes hot resin and tar. The Maze-X Pipe and Maze Pipe are the best weed pipes bringing patented, waterless filter technology to create the smoothest hitting pipes on the market! The portable Slider Pipe is perfect for the on-the-go smoker which contains a small storage area for your herb and the ability to close off the smoking chamber to eliminate smell and loss of burning herb.

Our online head shop offers a stunning selection of chilling pipes in a variety of colors with easy-to-clean accessories. Our pipes have patented protection to create enhanced wellness via comfortable, waterless filtering, and eco-friendly smoking devices, which rival the inhalation experience of vaping.