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How to load a bowl or pipe without actually touching the herb? You will truly value this little nifty gadget if

1. You have cannabis allergy and touching flower when loading the pipe of bong results in nasal or ocular or eye allergy symptoms. This includes runny nose, sneezing, itching, and swelling and watering eyes.

2. You have long nails or simply don't want to ruin your nails by touching the flower

3. You simply don't want  "STICKY FINGERS" 

SILI-SCOOP attaches to the bottom of your BIC lighter. You can also use other lighters or even your finger inside the SILI-SCOOP) One side of the SILI-SCOOP allows you carefully scoop the flower from the grinder or the bag. Please use smaller portions, don't overload it.

sili-scoop loading weed into its bowl from a grinder

Now you can carefully put the bud inside the bowl, align with the bowl and slightly on and off push on the side of the SILI-SCOOP. You can watch the video below to see how we do it.

sili-scoop loading a bowl of weed

The opposing side of the SILI-SCOOP can be used to tap the flower in the bowl. What it also does is pushes the burned weed closer to the fresh green, this makes it light fuller and stay lit longer due to the lack of oxygen in between the bud.

sili-scoop tamping a weed bowl to pack it

It may take few tries for you to master your skill but it's so worth it. SILI-SCOOP makes a perfect gift for your friends and its a great conversational piece. This gadget was designed by our team for your enhanced experience just like all other products we design. 

Product information

Medical Grade Silicone, Aircraft Grade Aluminum, Borosilicate Glass.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Anthony DelSignore
Almost perfect

I love this thing. Slight drawback is that it’s silicone so the ground flower sticks to it a bit.

better than a pinch

i’m actually using the sili thing right now. Have been for awhile works great and after a few uses less herb clings to it.
when you’ve filled the bowl just push the top of the sili thing and it’s pretty clear.
like every thing at weedgets it works.
hey, a black would be nice

Super Scooper!

Pop this on the end of your lighter and make bowl packing MUCH easier! The scoop and release work great.


Love it

Klaus Bender
Cute little toy

Works as advertised; fits on the bottom of your Bic lighter and let's you standardize your hit size.

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