The Complete Maze-X Bundle

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The Complete Maze-X Bundle is a fantastic pipe smoking starter kit and includes the following products:

  • (1) Maze-X Pipe
  • (1) Tic-Toke Filter Tips 4-Pack of Different Sizes
  • (1) 3-Pack of Borosilicate Glass Bowls

You can also add our new nano crystal activated charcoal filters for smoking that fit perfectly into the Maze-X pipe to further filter the smoke from residual resin and tar to help make smoking healthier and more pleasant.

The Complete Maze-X Bundle starts with the Maze-X Pipe with its patented waterless filtration system providing unprecedented smoke smoothness with each hit. This is how every pipe should be; less coughing and more protection for your lungs and throat. The Maze-X Pipe drastically cools smoke and removes hot resin and tar, so it does not burn your tongue or throat.

gold maze-x pipe with labels showing the three main parts of the pipe: removable mouth tip, hard anodized aluminum body, and borosilicate glass bowl

The Tic-Toke reusable Filter Tips are designed to enhance your smoking pleasure. This weed starter kit has 4 different sizes of Tic-Tokes to be used on joints, prerolls, pipes, and vaporizers. They eliminate harsh smoke and protect your fingers from unwanted resin smell. They filter resin and tar as well as cool the smoke, minimizing coughing. The Maze-X Pipe and Tic-Toke Filter Tips are made from the highest medical-grade silicone available.

joint and pipe with filter tip added

dimensions for x-large and large joint filter tips

The 3-Pack Borosilicate Glass Bowls are intended to be used as replacement bowls with our Maze-X Pipe ONLY.

All of the products are extremely easy to clean by simply soaking in isopropyl alcohol for 20-30 minutes then rinsing under hot running water.

The Complete Maze-X Bundle is a perfect weed starter kit and a fantastic gift to the health conscious smoker.

Product information

Medical Grade Silicone, Aircraft Grade Aluminum, Borosilicate Glass.

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Its very easy to clean our MAZE-X pipes. Simply disassemble them put in ziplock bag and add 70% or 90% isopropyl alcohol for 15-20 minutes. Remove and wash with dish soap in small container or under running warm water. Dry thoroughly before assembling the pipe back together.

Customer Reviews

Based on 65 reviews
James Russell

Hits great, super easy to clean. Love this pipe

john mckenna
Really digging it!

Yep! All as advertised....I'm coughing less....bottom line!
I love the way it looks and feels also. It smokes smoothly like your dad's pipe....Glad I got the bundle deal. I am ready for my first cleaning which seems like it'll be pretty easy.

Jason Gordon
Tips clog up too quickly

Overall, this is a decent pipe. The "cooling technology" works well enough. It is easier on the throat than a lot of pipes. But the screens in the tips build up with sticky resin halfway through smoking a single bowl. This has led me to have to switch tips half way through and then soak both tips overnight after every use.

Jason, thank you for your review. The tips with screen usually last much longer than that before cleaning is needed. Feel free to call us (508-308-0199) and we will help you to understand what your are doing differently. We are here to help .

Danny Hays
Maze x

Hits great, super easy to clean. Love this pipe

it's pretty good

it's a pretty good pipe that reduces the harshness, like it says. also, using the weedgets filters make it smoother. if you prefer matches like i do, you might find it a bit challenging to light up, but for real, that's nitpicky.

Weedget's online headshop offers the best smoking devices to provide unprecedented smoke smoothness, using patented filtration systems that deliver the coolest pipe hits. There are custom smoking accessories made with the highest quality medical grade silicone, aircraft grade aluminum, and borosilicate glass bowls.

cross-section image of our weed smoking device, the maze-x pipe

We have a variety of smoking accessories including our Tic-Toke weed filters, activated carbon smoking filters, sili-scoop weed tamping tool, and smell proof stash bags.

Our online smoke shop offers a stunning selection of medical grade silicone pipes in a variety of colors with easy-to-clean products. We aim to create improved wellness via comfortable, waterless filters and eco-friendly smoking devices that match the inhalation experience of vaping.

For the health-conscience smoker, these are the products that match your smoking lifestyle.