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MAZE-X Pipe Review on Gradual Growth

Gradual Growth wrote an incredible review of our newest MAZE-X Pipe (see below). Check out the full blog on their website linked at the end. 

One of the most common ways to consume marijuana is with a pipe. There are all kinds of pipes out there, but not much has changed in terms of innovation. That is until, you’ve tried out the Weedgets MAZE-X pipe. This modern pipe offers a truly innovative design. Some of the benefits here include:

  • coughless technology

  • built in bowl cover

  • super easy to clean

  • no metal taste

  • glass bowl

  • will not burn your throat

  • if it drops, it won’t break either

  • option to use charcoal filters


We can go on with the list of benefits here, but one of our favorite is the fact that you can easily remove the glass bowl to clean. With traditional pipes, you basically have to clean the whole thing. Of course you can do that this pipe as well, but if you just want to easily clean out the bowl after use, you can do just that.

Aside from that, the MAZE-X pipe also helps to cool the smoke. Nobody is a fan of their throat getting burned after taking a rip out of the pipe. The design of this high tech pipe allows for the smoke to cool before it reaches the end of the pipe. We’ve all been there after taking too hard of a hit and coughing like crazy! You can avoid all of that with this pipe.

Also, this thing makes for a great gift! We all have a few friends who would truly enjoy getting this for their birthday or holiday season.

Be sure and check out Gradual Growth today!  

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