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The cannabis industry continues to grow and make impressive strides year after year. With this growth comes new opportunities for individuals and companies interested in the world of cannabis. These...

The cannabis industry continues to grow and make impressive strides year after year. With this growth comes new opportunities for individuals and companies interested in the world of cannabis. These days, a lot of brands within this sector are offering generous cannabis affiliate programs.

In fact, we recently launched the Weedgets Affiliate Program, and we thought it would be helpful to put together a list of some of the best affiliate programs out there. 


Effectively, it’s a way for brands to market their products and services to other people. They call upon affiliates to promote the company for them. In return, the affiliate is given a reward - which tends to be a percentage commission from any sales that come from their promotion. As a result, you can earn a lot of money through these programs.

So, are you interested in joining a marijuana affiliate program and making some money? Do you have a social media or blog audience that is interested in cannabis? If your answer to these questions is yes, then it might be time to join an affiliate program and start making some money promoting some great products. 

Join the Weedgets Affiliate Program


Seedsman has been around since 2003, and they’ve gained a positive reputation in the world of marijuana. Their main selling point is that they sell and distribute cannabis seeds from around the world. As of right now, they have around 1500 strains from over 60 different global seed banks. Not only that, but they’ve recently started selling their own cannabis seeds too.

So, from a product perspective, Seedsman definitely stocks a range of items that you can promote with ease. Along with the seeds, they’ve also branched out into vapes, clothing, and cannabis storage products. This gives you a good variety of things to consider when you’re trying to sell this brand to other people.

As for the actual affiliate program, it’s one of the most complete offerings around. Affiliates get real-time reporting and tracking, so you can look at your leads and see who you should follow up on. Plus, discount codes are often given out, which can really help you generate some extra sales. There are even some affiliate guides to assist you in this endeavor, meaning you can get more earnings through the program.

How Much Can You Earn? 

Seedbanks affiliate program offers a 15-20% commission on sales through your affiliate link. You can also get an additional 5% commission on sales made through any affiliates that you’ve referred to the program.

Payments are made quarterly, with minimum earnings of $100.

Weedgets is owned and operated by an executive team that creates medical devices. This cannabis brand specializes in developing products and accessories that purify the smoke, reducing tar, and removing other hazardous materials that are often associated with smoking cannabis. As a result, marijuana users who use Weedgets filters or pipes experience an incredibly smooth smoking experience.

Weedgets is setting out to change the cannabis industry for the better through their innovative products. It’s a very health-conscious company, so this gives you some great talking points to use when promoting them. Their primary focus on customer service gives you and your audience peace of mind when buying from them.

Already, there’s a lot to like about this company. Their products are easy for you to promote, and you can engage your audience in a fresh, new way by talking about the health benefits of Weedgets products. They also happen to offer one of the best affiliate programs around, since they offer an incentive to both the buyer and the affiliate. When you refer someone through your affiliate link or unique discount code, they get 10% off their order.

How Much Can You Earn? 

While your customer gets a 10% discount, you’re rewarded for your work with an affiliate commission of 10% commission on all sales made through your link. 


Cannastick is a leading provider of portable vape pens in the cannabis market. They come equipped to work with a range of oils, dry herbs, and wax. What makes them a good brand to promote is the fact that they have affordable starter kits. So, you can market them to individuals who are looking to start vaping.

Vaping is obviously very trendy right now (although a surge of recent vaping-related illnesses has caused health concerns around vaping). Cannastick has been featured on a lot of top news websites in the last few years, sites like Forbes, BuzzFeed, and Rolling Stone. So, you get brand authenticity here, and people will know that this is a company they can trust. As the affiliate, this plays into your hands.

The affiliate program they run is well-managed and offers a range of tracking tools for you to take advantage of. Instantly, you get a $25 bonus for signing up, so that’s free money for you. You get an outstanding commission here as well, and it’s based on how many sales you make.

Plus, the cookie life (how long your affiliate link stays active after someone clicks on it, meaning you still earn commission during this period) is 365 days. So, you have a huge window to earn a commission.

How Much Can You Earn? 

Cannastick currently operates a 3-tier level commission bracket. The base tier is 20%, but if you make between 101-200 sales, then you enter the second tier of 25%. Lastly, if your sales exceed 201, then you get a massive 30% commission.

Learn more about the Cannastick affiliate program.


DaVinci Vaporizer is another big name in the cannabis and vaping industries. They stand out from a lot of other brands thanks to the innovation involved in their products. They try to make vape products that are different from the norm, offering users a better vaping experience.

When you use a vaporizer from this company, you get a higher level of purity and precision than most. So, there are already some key marketing points for affiliates to take advantage of.

But, perhaps the best feature of DaVinci is their price guarantee. If customers can find a lower price elsewhere, then they match it. Consumers love things like this as it means they’ve always got the best deal. So, use that to your advantage to try and make more sales!

They offer free shipping as well, which is another key selling point.

Concerning the affiliate program, you get to take advantage of exclusive coupon codes and additional assistance to promote the company. Plus, the conversion rates are usually some of the highest around. This is mainly thanks to the reputation the brand carries - and the free shipping and product warranty!

How Much Can You Earn? 

DaVinci Vaporizer offers a commission of 15% on all products across its website. On average, this is seen to be around $70 per sale. So, there’s a real chance to earn a lot of money through this cannabis affiliate program.

Learn more about the Davinci Vaporizer affiliate program.


How To Grow Weed 420 is the home of a book called Growing Elite Marijuana. Right away, you can see this is different from the other cannabis affiliate programs we’ve mentioned. Instead of trying to sell multiple products, you’re essentially promoting this book. However, it’s aimed at a rapidly growing market; people who want to start growing their own cannabis.

The book offers advice and step-by-step tutorials on how people can grow weed. There are hints and tips throughout, and buyers receive a lot of extras with the book as well. This includes a DVD copy of a quick-start guide, a cannabis care manual, and a weed cookbook. So, there’s definitely some great value for money here, and this product should be relatively easy to promote.

As for the affiliate program, well, it’s certainly one of the highest paying ones out there. The downside is that you might not make as many sales as other programs, but this is made up for by a massive commission.

How Much Can You Earn? 

Believe it or not, but affiliates get a whopping 57% commission on all sales through this program. So, if you can really nail down a killer strategy - and target the right people - then the money will undoubtedly flow!

Learn more about the How to Grow Weed 420 affiliate program.


MagicalButter is definitely one of the most revolutionary cannabis-related brands in the world. They’re unique because the product they sell is a herb extractor. In effect, it’s the world’s first herb extractor for infusing butter, oil, lotions; anything. You can literally use it to infuse your butter with cannabis, which transforms the way you cook.

There aren’t any products out there like this, so you immediately have a unique product to promote. A lot of things are included with the product, such as an immersion blender and heating unit. This lets users steep herbs at the ideal temperature, ensuring the best results are seen. It’s a genuinely mind-blowing idea, and it’s perfect for individuals who are into cannabis cooking or want to utilize the benefits of herbs for skin lotions, etc.

The MagicalButter affiliate program is really well-managed and offers very impressive commissions. We like how you can use a dashboard to keep track of everything, which helps you see which leads are yielding the best results, and whether or not you should follow-up.

How Much Can You Earn? 

With this cannabis affiliate program, you can earn a 20% commission on sales. It’s a very impressive commission rate, and you’ll be promoting a company that’s getting a lot of media attention and appealing to a gap in the market.

Learn more about the MagicalButter affiliate program.


Not Pot creates delicious CBD gummies that are free from THC, making them highly popular. In today’s world, more people are learning the health benefits of CBD. However, some people are still conscious of the psychoactive effects of cannabis - which come from the THC present in the plant. So, by isolating the CBD and removing THC, you instantly appeal to a mass market.

Athletes can use these gummies to aid with muscle recovery, individuals can use them to gain health benefits from CBD; they’re easily marketable to so many different people. Aside from looking really awesome and tasting amazing, Not Pot gummies are backed by research as well. This gives you another thing to call upon as you promote the brand; consumers love evidence-based products!

The affiliate program is one of the newest out there - it only got introduced in February this year. But, it offers excellent commission rates and monthly direct debit payments. Plus, Not Pot supports various charities from all over the world. So, they’re a perfect brand to work for as you know that you’re helping them support other people in need.

How Much Can You Earn? 

The current commission rate is 20% per sale, and you get a 30-day cookie with your link as well. One of the best things about this affiliate program is the monthly payments; you won’t have to wait a long time to get paid for your sales! Not Pot is a creative brand with a very good product idea - and clear marketability - so this just might be the affiliate program for you.

Learn more about the Not Pot affiliate program.


This company supplies high-quality cannabis seeds in a variety of strains. The seeds are believed to be some of the strongest around, and they give buyers peace of mind by offering a secure platform for purchases. As we mentioned before, the market for people growing their own weed is a big one. So, companies that sell seeds are experiencing lots of growth right now! Plus, many cannabis companies need seeds to grow their products, which opens the door to a new type of customer for you to promote to.

As well as this, True North Seed Bank also provides lots of added products. People can buy accessories to help with seed growth, but there are vape pens, grinders, and much more to enjoy. Naturally, when a company offers a vast array of products, this is music to the ears of an affiliate. There are more things for you to promote, meaning you can potentially generate and convert more leads.

Their affiliate program is one of the most rewarding around right now. Not only do you earn a general commission, but you also earn a sub-commission through any affiliates that you bring aboard the program. Your loyalty is definitely rewarded!

How Much Can You Earn? 

You get a standard commission rate of up to 25% from True North Seed Bank. Usually, it starts at 20%, but there’s room to gain the extra 5% based on your sales figures and loyalty. On top of this, there’s a 5% sub-commission too. So, very financially rewarding, and definitely a program to recommend to lots of your friends, so you can earn even more money!

Learn more about the True North Seed Bank affiliate program.


This brand promotes a service rather than a product. When you sign up for this affiliate program, you will help sell courses for Bergman’s Lab. Each course is designed to provide instructions on how to grow marijuana and save money on cannabis dispensaries. People will learn all the ins and outs of growing weed at home, and they even get a personal grow expert to help them on this journey.

This brand targets a growing market. The public is starting to understand the potential benefits of cannabis, but they don’t want to overpay at strict dispensaries. So, these courses cater to them perfectly.

Also, they cater to individuals who want to start up their own cannabis business. There are multiple ways you can promote Bergman’s Lab, which is why the affiliate program is so good.

How Much Can You Earn? 

Bergman’s Lab runs a tiered commission system. When you sign up, you will be on the standard rate of 20%. However, there’s room to grow as you make more and more sales. Typically, you get $69 for every course you sell

This commission rate can get boosted all the way up to 50% if you stick with the program and continue to make impressive sales.

Learn more about the Bergman’s Lab affiliate program.


Elixinoil is a company that focuses on health and beauty. There are strong links between CBD and health & beauty, with many studies suggesting this cannabinoid can help with skincare routines, stress, and so on. As a result, Elxinoil takes top-quality hemp strains and makes them into CBD products. They sell lotions, oils, drops; the list goes on.

This market is absolutely massive right now. Most of the reasons behind the growth in CBD and cannabis-related products is because of the health & beauty industry. The CBD products Elixinoil offer customers give them the chance to use natural ingredients on their body. There’s a huge demand for this type of thing, so you will not struggle to find buyers.

Not only that, but Elixinoil products are completely vegan - another massive market. More and more people are turning vegan, and there is a real struggle in finding health & beauty products that are 100% vegan. This ticks that box, so it could be a smart idea to promote to this particular market.

How Much Can You Earn? 

Elixinoil will offer a 10% commission on all sales through your affiliate link. When you consider the sheer range of products available - and their mass appeal - this figure is more than impressive. There’s a 3% commission for referral sales too, and all payments are made monthly via PayPal.


HoneyStick has been around for some time and is one of the most popular brands in the cannabis industry. They create vaping devices and accessories, offering new and exclusive items that can’t be bought anywhere else. They were the first company to create a sub-ohm vaporizer, and they keep pushing the boundaries for what is considered possible in this domain.

Yes, vaping is wildly popular, so that’s a positive for you. Since HoneyStick sells accessories and vapes, customers can get everything they need all in one place. Their stock-list is huge, and they have also won multiple awards in the last few years.

From an affiliate’s perspective, promoting an award-winning brand is fantastic. You’ve got an impressive label to tag onto them, which draws the attention of leads. There’s a lot of trust built through this, and that can help you close a lot of sales.

HoneyStick also uses a partner company to run the affiliate program for them. As such, you get dedicated help whenever you need it, along with a host of resources and tools to get started.

How Much Can You Earn? 

HoneyStick offers a very generous 15% commission rate for affiliates. On average, the company sees between $100 and $115 per sale. So, you could be earning 15% on that every time someone buys something through your link.


Green Goddess Supply has been in the cannabis industry for a quarter of a century. They were one of the first companies to break into this market, and they continue to deliver high-value products for a range of target customers. Primarily, they focus on marijuana smoking accessories.

This includes grinders, starter kits, bundles, and much more. They offer free shipping through the US as well, so there’s a nice point to zero in on when you promote this brand!

They have a very popular website as well, which regularly sees high levels of traffic every single day. Green Goddess Supply is big on social media too, which opens up a chance for you to see their target market and help promote some of their products.

However, the biggest reason to join this cannabis affiliate program is how it’s run. Affiliates are blessed with a wealth of tools to make your life easier. You get resources and tracking technology to take charge of your lead conversions, but there’s so much more as well.

Green Goddess Supply gives you graphics and banner ads to help you spread the word about their business - these would be perfect for a blog post, website, or your social media profile. Plus, you can customize your affiliate link as well, which is a nice little touch that you don’t see very often.

How Much Can You Earn? 

This particular cannabis-related affiliate program is based on your performance. The more you sell, the more you can earn. You can potentially make your way up to a 20% commission on all sales - if you’re generating over $3,000 of sales for the company.

It’s worth noting that they sell a lot of kits for around $100, so you only need to sell 30 of those to reach that $3,000 mark for the 20%. Even if you don’t, you will always earn at least 10% commission on your sales.

Learn more about the Green Goddess Supply affiliate program.


NuLeaf Naturals sells a plethora of exciting CBD oil products. These oils are so widely sought after, thanks to the possible health benefits they bring. Anyone can use them, and they’re popular amongst people suffering from stress, chronic pain, and insomnia. Just a few drops of the oil can be enough to see significant benefits - and this excites a lot of people.

You’ve probably noticed CBD oil shops cropping up all over the place, and that shows you how popular this market is right now. So, you’ve got an excellent product to promote to your audience. Plus, there are so many articles and resources available that tell you more about the benefits of CBD oil.

This affiliate program is highly rewarding and offers monthly payments through PayPal. So, you get paid at a nice interval, and it’s all done securely.

How Much Can You Earn? 

The standout feature of NuLeaf’s affiliate program is the high commission rate. You can get 15% per sale. This figure is made all the more impressive when you factor that some products sell for between $100 - $500. So, there’s plenty of money to earn on each sale!

Learn more about the NuLeaf affiliate program.

These are the best cannabis affiliate programs around at the moment. All of them offer impressive commission rates, along with some other perks. Our advice is to think about the type of products you’re comfortable promoting - and think about what products are popular! Then, choose any of the options from this list to start making money!

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