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As a nurse, I was an early proponent of medical cannabis but rarely endorsed products. I was and remain very busy educating the public about the benefits of this super plant, its ability to mitigate suffering and boost the human endocannabinoid system, while dispelling the stigma associated with 80+ years of prohibition.

However, I am also asked for assistance with determination of dose, route and cannabinoid profile including terpines, hybrid dominance, frequency of use and potential reaction to cannabis therapeutics. I had little time to endorse or evaluate glass bongs, vaporizers, pipes, joints, gummies and the like!

However, when I was invited by a mechanical engineer with over 50 patents of medical devices in his professional portfolio, to evaluate the benefits of the Weedgets filter adapters and the prototype of the now completely refined and available MAZE pipe, I was curious as to how they could improve the user's experience.

I routinely recommend inhalation as a determination tool for strain, dose, frequency, and route of cannabis administration. Smoking has a quick onset of about 4 minutes and peaks at 10, with a duration of about two hours. Therefore, I was thrilled to see a well-priced, easy to use, durable filter and filtering pipe available at a reasonable cost. Designed for use with organic and tested flower, the Weedgets adapters and MAZE pipe cleans and filters resin, ash and tar while cooling the smoke. They are all easy to clean, and individual Weedgets may be used many times.

I was and continue to be impressed with the benefit all cannabis users experience when they use Weedgets inhalation devices.

In this unsettling time, staying safe with a personal mouthpiece is important...even life saving. As a nurse, I encourage responsible use of cannabis; most especially for the medical patient. Smoking is an excellent way to quickly experience the effects of cannabis. Do so responsibly and try the Weedgets or MAZE pipe.

You will never again inhale cannabis without one!

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