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The MAZE Pipe

Cools Smoke, Removes Resin and Tar for Lightest & Smoothest Hits, Easy to Clean



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The MAZE Pipe is truly the only self-smoke-cooling, self-smoke-cleaning, self-smoke-purifying pipe that passes the smoke through patent pending elaborate maze that blocks all resin, tar, scooby snacks, dry ash and dirt. All you left is pure clean smoke for your enjoyment. Smoothest cannabis pipe available. Additionaly throw it in the refrigerator for 5-10 minutes to get the coolest and cleanest inhale you've ever had.

  • Self cleans the smoke along 12" maze path
  • Cools off the smoke drastically as it travels through 12" maze path
  • Small size fits extremely comfortably in your hand
  • Pick and choose your own bright colors, build your configuration
  • Perfect draw, stays lit longer - prefect for windy and beach settings 
  • By far the easiest cleaning process with soap and water
  • Throw MAZE in refrigerator for 5-10 minutes for dramatic chilled hits
  • Allows to use additional 7-9 mm filters for second layer of portection.
  • Feels as smooth as organics vaping
  • Made with aerospace grade aluminum 6061-T6 and food grade silicone 
  • Comes with two steel bowl screens
  • Sustainable, dishwasher safe
  • Patent pending
  • Do not smoke without steel bowl 


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9 Reviews for The MAZE Pipe


Tried this pipe at the BFR show. Could not even feel the smoke going in. Had to have it. its been a week, my favorite pipe by far

Don Shilder Jr

These look so sexy..., but when I tried it I could not believe the smoke lightness and smoothness. Blue anodized aluminum is my favorite. I wish you would have a slightly bigger bowl though. I guess its a standard bowl size.

Elaine B.

Wow, just wow! I did not understand at first if I had anything going in. unreal feeling, great pipe

Linda Cardellio

I did not expect it at all. On inhale it felt like warm air going in. I put the pipe in the refrigerator for an hours and incredibly first few hits feels like smoking chilled air. Great product whoever came up with it. Thank you:)

Dean G

Great pipe, smokes well and very light. Very durable too,banged the bowl against the wood to clean it and seemed fin, no damage

Donna Morris

Great buy. I have never tried the pipe as smooth as this one. I can taste terpenes and bud flavor because not concentrating on harshness and disgusting resin


saw the videos on this site and wanted to try it myself. was not sure what to expect, thought it was great marketing material just to make sales. Unreal feeling of smoothness after first hit, bravo! best pipe i've ever tried, thank you for this guys! genius engineering, simple and yet so affective, Im a fan now.


smoothest hitting thing in the world!!

Dena Davied

I love this pipe! Smoking makes me feel better because I have cancer but I hate the coughing. problems! No coughing. I wish you had a bigger one for sharing with friends!

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