MAZE Pipe - Patented smoke cooling & smoke filtering pot pipe

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Color: Blue

Our MAZE Pipe is incredible! It has a patented cough-less technology drastically cools smoke and removes hot resin and tar, so your tongue and throat won't get burned. The medical grade silicone pot pipe is strong, sturdy, and very easy to clean.

Removable MOUTH FILTER TIPS allows for safer pipe sharing with friends and also can be used for joints and pre-rolled cones as a joint holder and a perfect roach clip. Get extras, you need SMALL size.

Designed for short gentle puffs, this pot pipe creates safe, light, and smooth hits.

Our new nano crystal CHARCOAL FILTERS fit perfectly into this MAZE pipe to further filter the smoke from residual resin and tar making smoke even more pleasant to inhale 



  • No metal taste
  • Cools off the smoke
  • Blocks resin and tar
  • Won’t burn your throat
  • Makes smoke cleaner
  • Will not break on falls
  • Allows you to use charcoal filters 
  • Very easy to clean with isopropyl alcohol or grease removing soap and water

    Product information

    Medical Grade Silicone, Aircraft Grade Aluminum, Borosilicate Glass.

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 93 reviews
    Love it!

    Great product, does excatly what it states. No more overly harsh or hot draws without losing any of the benefits.

    Elizabeth Musto

    I like my new pipe that I purchased from your company. The only drawback is I wish the bowl was bigger.

    Thank you for your review Elizabeth. Yes, regular Maze pipe has a smaller metal bowl. We have MAZE-X pipe with much larger borosilicate glass bow

    Daniel Morris
    Surprise--it works!

    Honestly, I was not overly optimistic about the claims for this pipe but I took a chance...and I love it.
    I highly recommend this pipe for anyone who wants a simple way to ease the pain/coughing that comes with smoking ganja.

    Jonathan Johansen
    Maze X

    I honestly never leave reviews on most products I buy, but here goes. I have never liked pipes of any kind. They have always all smoked too hot for my taste, even the two Maze pipes I have tried. I ended up giving both of them away shortly after receiving them. The thing is though I have always wanted a pipe I could use for the convenience of it. So a week ago I decided to order and give the Maze X a try. I must say that I’m glad I did. This is the smoothest smoke I have ever experienced, even smoother than the hand rolls I usually smoke. Included with my Maze X was a charcoal filter to try, which was great and I have already ordered a packet of them just tonight and a gift card for $30.00 off my next order for a purchase of $99.00 or more. This was very nice and I will definitely use it when I order a second Maze X for a back up pipe.
    I would like to say this about the charcoal filter. It was great. It did not take anything away from the effect of my smoke, but I did make the experience feel different. It was as if the charcoal filter left me with a “cleaner “ more focused effect while still being totally relaxed. These filters are definitely a part of my smoking game now and now that I have this pipe I do not see myself rolling up again anytime soon. Thanks!

    David Suter
    Awesome design

    Awesome design. Just makes smoking the smoothest of any pipe I have ever owned. I love the extra Nano filter option for it, besides being able to chill the aluminum casing, super easy cleaning. In addition so many other cool accessories at the site. Now that I have left my review of the best pipe ever, let's talk discount on that sweet titanium wood box gift set coming out soon!

    Weedget's patented weed pipes provide unprecedented smoke smoothness using medical grade silicone technology that cools smoke and removes hot resin and tar. The Maze-X Pipe and Maze Pipe are the best weed pipes bringing patented, waterless filter technology to create the smoothest hitting pipes on the market! The portable Slider Pipe is perfect for the on-the-go smoker which contains a small storage area for your herb and the ability to close off the smoking chamber to eliminate smell and loss of burning herb.

    Our online head shop offers a stunning selection of chilling pipes in a variety of colors with easy-to-clean accessories. Our pipes have patented protection to create enhanced wellness via comfortable, waterless filtering, and eco-friendly smoking devices, which rival the inhalation experience of vaping.