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Weedgets Filters & Pre Rolled Cones Products

Discover our collection of Weedgets carbon charcoal filters, pre-rolled marijuana cones, Doob Tube Kit, and filters for joints. Designed for all users, our products ensures a smoother, cleaner, and more enjoyable smoking experience.

Tic-Toke Filter Tips are also great for your vape pen, vaporizer, or nectar collector dabbing tools, if the smoke is still too hot, simply use a Small or Medium size Tic-Toke Filter Tip with your device. Our reusable joint filters will cool your smoke from herb, vapes or dabbing. It is also safer to share your vape pen with others when you use your own filter tip for best hygiene.

Our Weedgets charcoal filters are game-changing for smokers looking to minimize impurities and enhance flavor. The innovative filters use activated charcoal to effectively filter out toxins and tar, resulting in a cleaner, smoother smoke. Easy to use and compatible with various smoking devices, Weedgets charcoal filters are an essential addition to your smoking toolkit.

Weedgets oversized 1-1/4 size, unbleached Pre-Rolled Cones with built-in real charcoal filter were inspired by the amazing success of our activated carbon filters ( stand-alone product as we continue to integrate real carbon filtration into all our smoking devices.

Take your prerolled joints, blunts, or even cigars on the go with our Doob Tube Kit. Our patented Doob Tube is smell proof, watertight, and heavy duty tough. The Doob Tube Kit has an integrated, reusable joint filter that removes resin and tar from smoke. 

Always Safer to Smoke with Weedgets.