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Weedgets is all about making your smoke safer and more pleasant for inhalation. These amazing charcoal filters are perfect for all Weedgets pipes and accessories. They simply plug into the open end of any of our filter tips used with pipes or stand alone. They purify and filter the smoke from residual resin and tar making your smoke smoother, more pleasant and much safer for your lungs.charcoal filters inserted into tik-toke joint filter tips

What filters are the best to use with joints? Our charcoal joint filters are perfect to roll joints with joint paper.

charcoal filter tip for hand-rolled joint 

These nano crystal charcoal filters work with every Weedgets pipe: MAZE-X pipe, MAZE pipe and SLIDER pipe. Simply plug them in into the open end of the mouth filter tips. 

charcoal weed filter tip inserted into MAZE-X Pipe

Whats inside our charcoal filters: Nano Crystal Material

Nanometer mineral crystals are made of natural minerals such as sepiolite, attapulgite, diatomite, bentonite and other natural rare earth minerals. They are processed by patented technology and are rich pore mineral adsorbents. They don't create charcoal dust as other filters do.

Nano Crystal Material

Nanocrystalline adsorption principleThe principle of absorption and deodorization of nanocrystalline minerals is almost the same as bamboo charcoal and activated carbon. They rely on internal nano-sized micropores to absorb formaldehyde and other toxic gas molecules and odor odors in the air. The molecular diameters of formaldehyde, ammonia, benzene, toluene, and xylene are all between 0.4 and 0.62 nanometers, and these compounds are polar molecules and are all nano-polar compounds. When these poisonous gas molecules are close to the nanocrystals, they are adsorbed into the internally developed micropores and locked.

How our Filters are different

comparison between nanocrystalline active carbon and ordinary activated carbon


How do charcoal filters work?

Weedgets charcoal nano crystals create a lot of tiny pores when exposed to heat in a matter of seconds, hence it gives the activated charcoal a vast surface area to trap molecules passing through gaseous smoke form from pipes or joints. It easily traps the excess amount of carcinogens and toxins that would otherwise get absorbed by your lungs. This makes it much safer smoking with Weedgets charcoal filters.

​What does a charcoal filter do?

Activated charcoal filters out a significant amount of carbonyls and other harmful constituents of smoke. It absorbs these compounds at a much greater rate than it absorbs THC and other cannabinoids. It’s definitely healthier way of smoking cannabis. Weedgets charcoal filters are better for joints and you won’t get less THC.

How long do charcoal filters last?

Weedgets charcoal filters do not need cleaning. Instead, they must be replaced after 1-3 joints, or while used with MAZE-X pipe when you start to feel tar coming through. Sometimes they clog after 1-2 joints and it means they have done their job of filtering your smoke. Weedgets Charcoal filters are not expensive but they carry amazing value by keeping your lungs cleaner and much safer.

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Customer Reviews

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Best filter around

Great flow and filtration

Melany Bailey
Goodish Filters

They are incredibly awkward when attached to a pipe or a cigarette. While I understand that filters require room for the filtering process, this filter and set up are spaced horribly, making it very long and difficult to deal with. The filter is effective with a pipe or a cigarette. As far as accurate descriptions go, everything has held true. There was no promise that the filters and setup would be comfortable for everyone. They work well. That’s what matters. You should see how much tar and such is filtered out of my pipe and cigarettes through each filter. So, I’m giving them 4 stars because the description was spot on and the product works. 1 star is taken for the awkwardness of the length of the setup.

Grace Grey
Almost Perfect

The Charcoal Nano Crystal Filters are almost perfect. I used one with my maze pipe. It doesn't quite fit in the mouthpiece and sticks out of the end. I thought maybe I inserted it incorrectly, but it definitely doesn't fit the other way around. So it sticks out the end quite a ways. However, I just use the filter as the new mouthpiece and it seems to work just fine that way. You can easily see as it gets darker just how much yucky stuff it is collecting and keeping from making it's way into your lungs. In addition, I can really tell the difference between with and without the filter. The filter makes taking a hit much smoother and easier.

I also have used the filter in conjunction with the Tic-Toke Filter Tip when using my vape pen. Again the filter doesn't fit inside the tip very well and sticks out quite a bit. I use the Tic-Toke to cover the mouthpiece of my vape pen and end up using the filter as the new mouthpiece. This is where you really notice the difference! Without the Tic-Toke and Charcoal Nano Crystal Filter the vape used to really hit the back of my throat, and I noticed it was making me cough quite a lot. However, with the dynamic duo I no longer feel the vape hitting the back of my throat. You do need to be mindful of taking a small hit, because without the vape hitting you in the throat, it is really easy to take a much bigger hit than you can handle. But once you get the hang of using the vape pen with the Tik-Toke Filter Tip and the Charcoal Nano Crystal Filter, you will love how good it feels to not cough your lungs up after a tasty hit.

I absolutely recommend the Charcoal Nano Crystal Filter. My only complaint is that it doesn't seem to fit into the pipe tip or the Tik-Toke filter tip. Perhaps if the end of the pipe tip and the Tik-Toke were longer it would fit better. Then I could live out my Breakfast at Tiffany's fantasy of smoking through a long cigarette holder! (I definitely would not make the Charcoal Nano Crystal Filters smaller.)

Grace, thank you for your great reviews, You hit on all the points. The filter is sticking out for a reason. It was designed to do that so you can easily remove the filter from the tip and so the tip does not have to be longer. Hope you are enjoying your smoother and safer inhales

Chalin McCanny

They are a strange addition to the process. But with this system it's not hard to put tips in. It's the cleanest hot flower I've ever hit. Could compete with some of my ice pipes and larger water pipes easily

Klaus Bender

I love the filters and ordered a box after getting one for free. Since they appear to be made of paper, I hope they degrade well and don't live forever in our land fills.