As a cannabis nurse and patient advocate, I’m often asked about initiating a cannabis routine for symptom management particularly for those who suffer.

I recommend vaping or smoking although smoking is often unappealing due to the misnomer that smoking cannabis is bad for you. Actually, cannabis has Broncho-dilating properties and was used as an asthma treatment up until the 1940s.

The reason I recommend smoking cannabis is due to its rapid onset, peaking in 10 minutes and short duration of about two hours. This allows the user to know within 5 minutes how he/she will feel and if not satisfied, allow for a second inhalation and so forth. It also allows for an unpleasant experience to pass relatively quickly. Smoking for more experienced users allows for layering cannabis by pairing smoking with an edible. This promotes greater relief as the edible kicks in about the end of the smoked product duration and lasts an additional 4-6 hours depending on the strength and chemovar of the edible. This is excellent practice for nighttime use and experienced day use.

However, I am not a true fan of vaping due to cost, lack of standardized testing, various distillates, appeal to minors, multiple flavor additives and the challenge of finding flower only vaporizers.

The answer is to make smoking a more organic, less irritating experience.


Weedgets were developed by our engineer in order to make smoking flower the closest experience to vaping you will have when smoking cannabis, thus allowing you to use your favorite flower.

The Weedgets screen debris, are easy to clean, and are available in a variety of sizes and colors thus transferring all inhalation devices including joints, pipes of all shapes and bongs into a clean, smooth, inhalation apparatus without adding anything other than your choice of flower. When Weedgets are combined with a commercial filter, the smoke is even smoother and nearly invisible upon exhalation.

“I smoked with a Weedget and I’ll never smoke without one again!”

“I never coughed!”

Try the Weedgets and get the most out of the whole plant experience. It’s a healthier, cleaner and more gentle way to control symptoms or relax with friends. Make sure when sharing you bring your Weedget! It will serve as your personal, clean, filtering mouthpiece.

In health and wellness,

Elizabeth Dost, RN

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