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I put these ‘game changing’ weed pipes to the test

By Cara Wietstock

The weed world has many tried and true classics, like the spoon pipe and the beaker bong. These traditional pieces have been passed in the most high-brow stoner circles. Brands have always riffed on these mainstays, like with the inventive vaporizing pipe the Magic Flight Launch Box, which has been whispered in cannabis circles for decades.

Two products have caught my eye recently. The Honest Path Pipe and Weedgets Maze-X use different methods to do the same thing. Each piece extends the pathway of smoke from the traditional spoon pipe so it loses some combustion heat before reaching the mouth.

I tried each, and here’s how it went.

Weedgets Maze-X

The Weedgets Maze-X promises to be cough-less, and I can attest to that experience. It breaks into a silicone mouthpiece, anodized aluminum body, silicone bowl container and patented long maze path, and glass bowl piece that fits right inside. The silicone portion of the bowl has a lid that can be trucked onto the bottom while in use. A grippy, cool-looking pattern on each side of the bowl makes it easier to hold.

Figuring out how to pack and hit the Weedgets was simple. Those with low hand mobility may require assistance removing the lid. I packed up some Stone Road Drag Queen Brunch which includes pre-ground flower with hash and diamonds–a mix that can make me cough under the right circumstances. Extracts just do that to me. When packed in the Maze-X, not a cough was to be had. That rang especially true when I used the activated charcoal nano crystal fillers.

new weed pipes
Photo provided by Weedgets Maze-X

I hit the Maze-X with and without the personal filter to test the differences and there were definitely a few. There’s a flavor that comes through the filter that I couldn’t identify, and it wasn’t unpleasant but was reminiscent of clove or another unnamed spice. It also 100 percent does make the hit less harsh. I’m battling a sickness right now and the filtered hit left no residual chest tightness behind (a symptom of said illness).

As for tips, I learned in my tests not to overpack this baby. It looked completely cashed when I emptied the bowl and still had tons of green weed at the bottom. Pack little bowls and draw lightly for the best results.

This is the pipe for anyone who loves hitting their trusty spoon and newcomers who are seeking an easy, effective way to smoke weed.

Honest Path

Much like the Maze-X, the Honest Path Pipe creates a maze for the smoke, but the brand uses a different method. This hand pipe is flat and thin, perfect for sliding into a pants pocket or small purse. It consists of three aluminum pieces. The flat top slides off to reveal the full path or only the bowl piece during a hit. The main housing is where the maze and bowl are, and a bowl-cleaning poker slides out of the front.

Photo provided by Honest

To hit the Path, slide the top forward, concealing the logo and revealing the bowl. Light the bowl with a finger on the front carb and hit it quick and low. Don’t take a huge rip off this pipe for the best results. Too big and it will be a hot hit no matter what.

To each their own with these weed pipes

Differences between the Path and the Maze-X exist, but both achieved what they sought to do, but one seems a bit more effective. The Honest Path is ideal for someone who needs that size or likes the branding. There is matching Honest smokeware like an ashtray and bong, so those seeking a full set may prefer the Path.

I’d recommend the Maze-X to those who really want to smoke but don’t want a burning throat. It is also ideal for anyone seeking a modular setup that can break apart when needed.

These new pipes are lit!

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