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Why Is My Weed Harsh?

Today’s cannabis is not the cannabis of decades past. Now professionally grown and regulated by state governments, cannabis growers have access to better equipment, higher-quality seeds, and the ability to share knowledge without fear of getting arrested. Because of this, the increased quality of flower has made smoking weed a much more pleasant experience than it once was.

So if you’ve had an unpleasant smoking experience lately and have been wondering “why is my weed harsh,” there are a few things to consider. With the top-shelf flower and smoking devices available today, there’s no reason for your lungs to burn.

In this blog, we’ll explore three possible answers to the question “why is my weed harsh” so you can enjoy your cannabis without coughing or burning your throat.

Low-Quality Weed

The Importance of Buying Good Flower

One of the leading culprits behind a harsh smoke lies in the quality of the weed itself. Improperly dried buds and those that were overly fed during cultivation can significantly impact the smoothness of your smoke.

When buds are not adequately dried before being cured, they retain excess moisture. This can lead to mold growth and the development of unwanted microorganisms. Smoking these damp buds not only alters their flavor but can also cause a harsh sensation in the throat.

Moreover, buds that were excessively fed with nutrients may result in an overly harsh smoke. Nutrient-rich buds tend to produce thick, heavy smoke that can be tough on your lungs and throat.[1]

To avoid these issues, talk with the budtenders at your local dispensary and ask which cannabis brands they prefer. Budtenders are trained in the brands they sell and more than likely have smoked them themselves. Explain to them the harshness you’re feeling with your current flower, and they’ll help you find a better, smoother option.

Smoking Sugar Leaves: A Bitter Endeavor

One common mistake made by novice smokers is smoking sugar leaves along with the buds. Sugar leaves are the small, trimmable leaves that surround the bud clusters. While they do contain some trichomes and cannabinoids, they also have a higher concentration of chlorophyll. This excess chlorophyll creates a harsh and acrid smoke that can be particularly unpleasant on the palate and the throat. (The same goes for smoking stems. Avoid those as well.)

If you’re buying your weed from a legal dispensary, you shouldn’t come across too many sugar leaves because the flower they sell is professionally trimmed. However, not all cannabis brands are created equal.

This is another reason to get your budtender’s opinion on which weed brands to try. The higher the quality, the less likely you are to encounter sugar leaves at all. Regardless, be sure the only part of the plant you’re putting into your grinder is the flower itself and you’re guaranteed to have a better smoking experience.

Smoking at Too High Temperatures

When Smoke Starts To Burn

Another key aspect to consider when exploring the harshness of your weed is the temperature at which you're inhaling it. Smoking at excessively high temperatures can lead to the combustion of unwanted compounds and the degradation of wanted compounds, resulting in harsh, bad-tasting smoke and less-than-ideal effects. It can also make the smoke itself way too hot to inhale.

You can’t regulate the temperature of a lighter, but what you can do is change the pipe you’re using. Instead of glass pipes or papers, opt for a pipe designed to cool the smoke before it enters your lungs, like the Maze-X. Made of medical-grade silicone, which provides excellent heat resistance, the Maze-X offers advanced smoke filtration that reduces smoke temperature before it enters your mouth, while simultaneously removing hot resin and tar.

Your weed doesn’t have to be harsh. By being intentional about the weed you buy and using a proper smoking device, you can protect your lungs and improve your smoking experience.


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