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Stainless steel PIPE-PODs for MAZE and SLIDER pipes (5pk) with a LID (so no tobacco or legal dry flower falling out).

This is the only bowl on the market that does not require you to grind the flower. The kiln effect inside the POD burns unground flower really well. These high-end bowl-pods are designed for your enhanced smoking pleasure and are very convenient for travel. Pre-pack as many as you need for your trip, and then pop them in and out of your pipe.

Our PIPE PODs are made from high end surgical grade stainless steel, which provides a safe inhalation, no oxidation, and no metal taste. 


  • No Oxidation
  • No Metal Taste
  • Lid Snaps Onto Bowl
  • Excellent Draw
  • Extremely Easy to Wash
  • Use with Tobacco or Legal, Unground, Dried Flower

Easy to clean by soaking overnight in isopropyl alcohol, and then rinsing under hot water.

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