MAZE Pipe - Patented Waterless Filtration & Cooling Technology

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Unprecedented smoke smoothness - that's how every pipe should be, lots less coughing and more protection for your lungs. This incredible MAZE Pipe, with our patented cough-less technology inside, drastically cools smoke and removes hot resin with tar so it does not burn your tongue or throat.

Designed for short gentle puffs, this pipe creates the safest, lightest & smoothest hits.


  • Body - medical grade silicone
  • Handle - anodized aircraft grade thick aluminum for cooler smoke
  • Bowl/ POD - surgical grade stainless steel


  • No Metal Taste
  • Easiest Pipe to Clean
  • Cools Off Smoke
  • Blocks Resin & Tar
  • Will Not Burn Your Throat
  • Makes Smoke Cleaner
  • Will Not Break on Falls
  • Allows You to Use Charcoal Filters 

Extremely easy to clean with isopropyl alcohol or grease removing soap and water.

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 41 reviews
    Justina Reid
    Super cool and the bowl OMG

    I have both the maze and now the the maze X. I love how much bigger the bowl is on the maze x.

    A -maze- ing

    Great smoke from this pipe, after years of enjoying pipes, this has to top out the pile. The MAZE pipe is very good, clean & cool hits each time and can go a couple of nights before cleaning. I have tried the suggested bath clean, and individual parts clean, and for me the second method works best, bath cleaning leaves it gummy and then needs a second clean.
    Hit wise it clean & long & cool, although the bowl is a bit small, and only a couple of hits per pack is a little niggle, I would suggest an increase in bowl size or make bowl size options?
    Also the screens are slightly problematic as I have experienced "burn through" on both supplied mesh screen, my 20mm screens don't fit very well, and the steel travel screen doesn't give as good a hit as the mesh. Also the silicone discolors pretty quickly.
    Despite the few niggles with the finer points overall I would recommend this pipe, and probably the newer Maze X based on the Maze Pipe. If you enjoy herb, then invest in what I would rate as the best pipes on the market, and go for this brand rather than a cheap copy.

    This Amazing Pipe Kept Me Smoking

    I am super thankful that I found the amazing Weedgets Maze Pipe. I have used it now for a few years now and loved it so much that I recently purchased another one. What initially led me to my search for a better smoking apparatus was that older school smoking methods over the years had wreaked havoc on my lungs making it super difficult to enjoy the experience, causing Asthma-like symptoms requiring several days break in between my smoking sessions. When I received my first pipe, I put it right to use and was immediately able to see an improvement in the quality of my smoke but more importantly with my lungs. Absolutely the cleanest (and coolest) smoke I have ever had the pleasure of inhaling. I have used vaporizers and this was on par with one of them, except with the benefit of the type of "elevation" you would receive from a pipe vs. a vaporizer. I went from requiring days between my smoking sessions to being able to smoke daily once again (and has been my experience for a few years now). Another benefit (for me at least) is it seems like my "product" stretches a bit longer using this pipe than other methods I have used in the past. The only thing I would say as a con (else it would be too good to be true) - is that the pipe is a little high maintenance in the sense that you need to clean it pretty regularly in order to maintain optimal performance. But - I wouldn't say that it should sway you from giving it a try. Cleaning it is a cinch, usually takes me less than 10 minutes and it can be right back in service, no overnight soaks like I would have to do for my old glassware. All of that to say that I highly recommend the Maze Pipe and want to encourage you to take the plunge and give it a try - you (and your lungs) won't regret it!

    Best Pipe!

    Hey Dudes, check your user guide inserts! You sent me a Maze Pipe user guide, BUT inside the folder over guide is info for the Doob Tube. Put down the pipe and do some proof reading! Anywhere to find the real insert on line? Thanks, looks like a lovely product.

    Best Pipe!

    Received it in the amount of time was stated and the pipe has impressed me. Its the pipe I reach for now because it definitely is less harsh on my throat which is easily irritated with other pipes due to unresolved health issues thatll hopefully be getting taken care of soon. Other than that its easy to clean and durable so no more broken glass for me. Money well spent.

    Watch the maze-x in action

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