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WeedgetSMART Filter Adapter – MEDIUM



Medium Size Filter Adapters with screen fits Pipes sizes from 0.4-0.6" Diameter

  • [Key Feature] Imagine smoking your favorite organic flower with no resin or dry flower on your tongue, no burnt ash & less tar - taste the true herb flavor with these absolutely unique silicone reusable filters screens with integrated steel mesh that keeps the unwanted dry flower and scooby snacks from getting into your mouth. For best hygiene have your own Weedgets mouthpiece adapter. Weedgets work great for Vape Pens as well when sharing with friends.
  • [Absolute Compatibility] You can use the adaptive Weedgets Filter Adapters with other tips, pre-rolls like RAW King size, all rolled cones, charcoal filters, glass pipes. Weedgets tips allow you to enjoy the taste to the very end without wasting the product and without burning your fingers, also it’s a must have to prevent the spread of germs and viruses when sharing.
  • [Usability] Weedgets smoking mouthpieces were designed by our designers to improve the smoking experience of our customers, taking it to the next high. Smoke passing through the Weedgets filter screen becomes cooler, cleaner and silky smooth. Harshness is minimized resulting in less throat irrigation and less coughing.
  • [Sustainability] Weedgets Filter adapters are sustainable and are reused multiple times after cleaning. Much better than the unbleached paper tip you use with king size cones. Made from high quality food grade silicone, simply clean with Q-TIP and alcohol, dishwasher safe.
  • [What You Get] At Weedgets we are committed to providing outstanding customer experience and excellent service. Don’t forget to select the bright colors you like. We are dedicated to providing safer devices for cannabis consumption, don’t forget to share Weedgets with your friends and family. They will thank you for that.
  • NOTE: Although silicone material is inert, NEVER pack the flower in the adapter and smoke directly from the silicone adapter. Its designed to serve as an adapter only.

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2 Reviews for WeedgetSMART Filter Adapter – MEDIUM

Pavel - 2019-07-14 13:18:34 UTC

Awesome product, inexpensive for what it does. Been using it for few weeks now and I can not believe my throat irritation is gone. Feels great. Took a little time to figure out how best clean it. they added FAQ later to the site with Q-tip cleaning instructions

wddon06 - 2019-07-14 13:17:55 UTC

clever little widget or is it weedget?:) nice thought to put screen inside, no more scoobies for me. Did not use filter yet.

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