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Filter Adapter – XLARGE

Perfect for XLarge Pipes With 1.00"-1.20" Diameter, Ultimate Smoothness and Safety Guaranteed



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Wow! You can really feel the bud flavor now with Weedgets Screened Adapter blocking all the scooby snacks, hot resin, ash and dry flower particles leaving you with pure clean smoke. Try it to believe the difference! 

  • Weedgets Adapters protect your lungs and mouth from resin clumps, ash and flower particles
  • Allows to smoke joints to the end without burning your hands
  • Allows to handle joints and prerolls with wet hands
  • Sized to fit large pipes ranging in diameter from 1” to 1.2”
  • Removes harshness from smoke for smoother and softer hits
  • Designed to fit and to be used with additional 8-9 mm filters for smoothest smoking experience
  • Made from high quality food grade silicone, simply clean with Q-TIP and alcohol, dishwasher safe
  • A must have to prevent the spread of germs and viruses when sharing
  • Product is Sustainable and Recyclable
  • NOTE: Although silicone material is inert, NEVER pack the flower in the adapter and smoke directly from the silicone adapter. Its designed to serve as an adapter only.

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5 Reviews for Filter Adapter – XLARGE


I used it on my small bong, feels cleaner. Next morning did not have my usual throat irritation! love it


Got all three sizes, works well even without filter, but filter adds smoothness!

Kristina Zakirova

So happy these guys came up with this!!!


love these things. These are awesome! They keep the trash out of your mouth and can hold another layer of filter too!


Pure joy to use, wow !! this is something completely new, definitely recommend to buy!

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