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Our Philosophy

At Weedgets, we are dedicated to the design and development of innovative cannabis accessory products which create safer and more pleasurable consumption. Our products contain integrated screens which filter the resin and clumps before they reach your mouth, thus providing you with a cooler and safer inhalation.

Simply attach our WeedgetSMART silicone Tip Filter Adapters onto any of your favorite smoking device(s). For best results, use an additional Activated Charcoal Filter which will further purify your smoke without effecting the THC or CBD content. Your cannabis smoke will now rival that of a vaporizer!

Try Weedgets…A new way to smoke which is fast-acting, clean, smooth, organic and safe!

Our team of caring engineers embraced the whole plant experience and created a low-cost alternative to vaping. In this confusing world of emerging wellness via cannabis use, healthcare professionals often promote vaping or inhalation as dose determining ingestion, rapid onset relief, and discreet use application. However, until now, a pleasant, cool, clean inhalation of whole plant cannabis has not been easily achieved in the organic, plant material form. Most of the popular means of ingestion via inhalation is by heated oil; either vaped through an expensive but reputable source or via a pre-filled cartridge of oil in a thin, cigarette like pen. These various methods have come under scrutiny and criticism due to lack of national standards on the means of extraction and the appeal of flavorful smoke to younger people. In order to provide a safe, organic alternative, our engineers have designed the Weedgets. Weedgets are discrete, low cost adapters which create smooth, cool and vape-like smoke from whole plant flower. Joints, one-hitters, pipes and larger inhalation apparatus can now be augmented to create pleasant, clean, resin-free cannabis smoke. Low cost and portable, smoking a joint can now rival the experience of a vape pen! Coughing is optional!

The Weedgets Company and its executive team take pride in returning whole plant cannabis to its organic, inhalation origin thus preserving the health benefits of the “entourage effect”. Enjoy using Weedgets for a distillate free organic, clean, sanitary smoking experience.


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