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Q: I want to start using the Filter with my pipe? How do I select the right size?

A: We have three WeedgetSMART Filter Adapters sizes Small, Medium and Large. The small size fits joints, one hitters, pre-rolled and small diameter pipes ranging from 0.3”-0.4” Medium size fits smoke pipes ranging from 0.4”-0.7” diameters Large size fits smoke pipes ranging from 1”-1.2” diameters We recommend you to purchase 3 Size WeedgetSMART starter kit to try all three sizes to see what works the best for your favorite smoking device

Weedget adapter with charcoal filter

Q: Can I use WeedgetSMART Filter Adapters without a standard activated charcoal Filter?

A: Yes! There is a metal screen inside the WeedgetSMART Filter Adapters which keeps the resin clumps, ash and other flower particles away from your mouth. You can use an additional Activated Charcoal Filter to purify the smoke further for a smoother and softer inhale.

Weedget Screen keeps ash from entering your lungs

Q: Can I use WeedgetSMART Filter Adapters with any size pipe?

A: Yes! We have three sizes that stretch and fit almost any size pipe, joint, one-hitters and pre-rolled joints.

Weedget Adapters fit just about any size pipe, joint, and anything in between

Q: Do I lose TCH content when I use the filters?

A: No.  The filter only reduces tar and removes bigger particles from the smoke.

Q: Is the WeedgetSMART Filter Adapter reusable?

A: Yes. It’s very easy to clean if the screen clogs up with debris. Just use Alcohol and cotton tip swab.  It’s easy to see what you didn’t inhale!

Cleaning your Weedgets Adapter is easy

Q: Which side of the WeedgetSMART Adapter do I insert the filter in?

A: Always insert the filter into the smaller end of the WeedgetSMART Filter Adapter. This end has a ring groove and “Pat. Pending” printed. Insert the filter with the white (ceramic) side directed toward the pipe, joint etc. Refer to picture below.

Q: What size activated charcoal filter do I use? Do they fit in any size WeedgetSMART Filter Adapter?

A: You can use any size filter ranging from 6mm to 9mm. We recommend 8mm Filters.

Q: How many times may I use Activated Charcoal Filter?

A: Filters are disposable and are usually good for 1-2 joints.  We leave it up to you to determine the filter performance.  When they clog, simply throw them away and use a new one.

Q: How long does the WeedgetSMART Adapter last?

A: As long as you take care of it!  Don’t forget to bring one when sharing a smoking device, as they also provide your very own personal mouthpiece.

Q: I smoke vape pens, could I benefit from WeedgetSmart Filter Adapters?

A: Yes! You can use the Filter Adapters with vape pens as your own personal hygiene mouth piece when you sharing it with friends at the party, club, etc. Prevents germs and disease spreading.

Use Weedgets to stop the spread of germs on weed pens


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