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When asked about cannabis use, the most rapid onset for symptom control is always inhalation. I tell patients that the onset of action when inhaling cannabis is about 4 minutes, it peaks at 10 and lasts for about two hours, during which you will either continue with good relief, or begin to experience a slow increase in symptoms after about an hour, which will prompt you to inhale again. For a more lasting experience especially at bedtime, inhale your cannabis and take an edible at about the same time or shortly thereafter. The effects of the inhaled cannabis will begin to wane just about the time the edible begins its onset of action. This provides longer symptom management and promotes sleep especially if the cannabis is Indica leaning. Yes, Indica leaning cannabis still makes you tired!

If you have been reading the tragic news of vaping related lung disease and death, it gives one pause before vaping. Although usually considered safe, in order for plant materials to be vaped most apparatus use a liquified form of the medium to be inhaled. This requires a distilling process and extraction. This is where problems can arise…

How wonderful to be able to inhale completely organically without coughing, heat, irritation and debris!

The Weedgets Filter Adapters are an efficient, inexpensive, durable, inert way to change your inhalation routine and smoke only flower. Simply select a Weedget from our beautiful array of colors and sizes, each meant to fit on your favorite or not so favorite smoking device.

Did you know smoking cannabis was a first line treatment of asthma back before 1940? The components of the plant when inhaled promotes broncho-dilation…meaning it opens your lungs…even today!

Try the Weedgets filter adapters and watch for our new pipe. Smoking organic cannabis flower remains the quickest way to achieve your desired results. Our pipe takes inhalation to a new level, yet remains organic, safe, sanitary and cool.

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