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I watched an ad with a mixture of frustration, anger, excitement and hope as the news’ is airing a segment which will report on the “Pot shops” that are “popping up” in neighborhoods all over the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and how residents are having mixed reactions about them. How quickly we forget, adult use is legal because it was voted into law by the people!

Then I watch with some distain, the obligatory clips of people with no knowledge of cannabis expressing concern and worry,

How do I know these people have no knowledge of cannabis? I know because if they did, they wouldn’t worry.

Dispensaries are currently established businesses which are the first allowed to sell adult use cannabis, and they are subject to tight oversight. Their existence is due to intense lobbying for patients. All are beautiful with an unusual amount of care going to both the physical space and the products sold. Co-locating validates the medical benefits, as persons without diseases are now lawfully allowed to purchase cannabis in Massachusetts.

The security around dispensaries is preposterously robust although no one dies from cannabis and rarely does cannabis induce violence. Remember, THC is the only psycho-active component of the plant, so do not assume every cannabis user gets high. Cannabis’ adverse reactions end when the cannabis wears off. This is unlike alcohol, which can cause health issues long after the consumer stops drinking. In fact, 88,000 deaths a year are alcohol related which is double that of illegal opioids.*

As to the new adult use “pot shops”, they are age restricted, have intense oversight, distribute quality products while paying outrageous taxes. The host communities often benefit by receiving stipends. All this because THC is mind altering, but admittedly there is little violence, or unlawful behavior by consumers associated with cannabis consumption.

Our society is getting sicker, fatter, and more depressed. We struggle with sleep issues, are overworked, under vacationed, experience anxiety and despair. Our chronic illnesses mount as does pain and hopelessness, Autism, Alzheimer’s and dementia are also on the rise.

Many local, national and international researchers feel that boosting the Endocannabinoid System with plant cannabinoids is not only good for you, but essential to improving health and wellness.

I guess the question is, do your neighbors feel the same way?

Author - Michael Barenboym, Owner and Inventor for Weedgets

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