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Review: Is This The Best Weed Pipe On The Market? My Experience With Weedgets - Smooth Hits And Sleek Design

By Javier Hasse

Exploring the innovative world of cannabis consumption, Weedgets stands out with its Maze-X Pipe, a product that seeks to redefine the smoking experience. From a personal standpoint, this isn't just another pipe, it's a well-thought-out device designed to make each puff smoother and less harsh on your throat than most pipes out there. Even as someone who traditionally prefers joints, I found the Maze-X Pipe's sleek design and protective features quite impressive. The sturdy aircraft-grade aluminum exterior safeguards the integral glass parts, which are crucial for a superior pipe experience.

The Maze-X Pipe's waterless filtering and cooling technology is at the heart of its appeal, drastically reducing the temperature of the smoke before it reaches you. This patented cough-less technology not only cools but also removes hot resin and tar, making each inhalation cleaner and safer. The removable borosilicate glass bowl is a highlight, durable enough to withstand high temperatures without compromising on safety or quality.

For The Joint Smokers: Activated Carbon Filters

Moving beyond the pipe, Weedgets offers a game-changing accessory for joint enthusiasts like myself: activated carbon filters. Priced at $22.99 for 80 pieces, these filters represent a significant step forward in smoking technology. The nanocrystal material used in these filters is derived from natural minerals and is engineered to trap harmful molecules without producing the charcoal dust typical of other filters.

Here's what makes these filters special:

  1. Nano Crystal Technology: These filters employ a nanocrystalline absorption principle, which is similar in efficiency to bamboo charcoal and activated carbon but without the mess. They're designed to absorb toxic gases and odors, ensuring that each puff is as clean as it is enjoyable.
  2. Enhanced Safety: By trapping carcinogens and other harmful constituents of smoke, these filters provide a healthier way to enjoy cannabis. Importantly, they do this without significantly reducing the THC content, meaning you get all the benefits of your herb without the unwanted extras.
  3. Usage and Longevity: Ideal for both pipes and joints, these filters are easy to use. Just plug them into the open end of the filter tip. Each filter lasts for one to three joints or pipe sessions, depending on usage, effectively indicating its replacement time when you start to feel tar coming through.

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