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Now legal for recreational and/or medicinal use in the vast majority of states, more people in the US are exploring the use of cannabis and its derivatives. As users are able to buy cannabis legally in various forms in numerous parts of the country, it’s become far easier to obtain high-quality marijuana and CBD products.

Since the widespread legalization of cannabis in the US, a whole industry has grown around it. For users, the increase and variations of cannabis accessories has completely revolutionized the concept of smoking. With numerous extras designed to make consumption safer and more enjoyable, it’s easy to see why increasing numbers of people are widening their scope when it comes to joints, pipes, filters and bongs.

Whether you smoke a joint occasionally, use CBD to increase relaxation, enjoy edibles now and again or rely on cannabis to manage a medical condition, there are tons of accessories and extras to help make your experience better and healthier. To learn more about the best cannabis accessories on the market, keep reading…

Sweetleaf Grinder

Designed to chop or cut cannabis, the Sweetleaf Grinder is one of the best on the market. At just 50mm in diameter, the Original Sweetleaf Grinder is small enough to slip inside your pocket or bag, and it’s the perfect size to be portable. As any user knows, breaking up your marijuana can be the most tedious part of preparing your joint; and it’s trickier if you’re out and about.

With the Original Sweetleaf Grinder, however, you can prepare your dry blend in seconds. Simply place your weed in the top layer of the grinder, replace the lid and give it a few turns. Perfectly cut weed will be collected in the bottom layer of the grinder, so you can cut and prepare you joint quickly.

Available in aluminum for around $24, the Original Sweetleaf Grinder is one of the most cost-effective accessories on the market; combining style and function. If you want something a little more retro, try the Original Sweetleaf Wooden Pocket Grinder. Around the same size as the aluminum version, the wooden grinder will only set you back around $14 and you’ll still get great cutting and chopping action. With stainless steel pins to cut your herb, both the wooden and aluminum versions are perfect travel companions.

Whilst a handheld grinder is great for personal use or traveling, you may want to opt for something a little bigger if you’re smoking with friends or hosting a party. Fortunately, Sweetleaf has your back. Their Original Wooden Party Size Grinder retails at around $20, but its increased size means you can cut and chop larger amounts of weed with minimal effort. At only 62mm wide, the party size grinder is still small enough to be user-friendly, but it’s perfect for heavy duty use.

Sturdy and robust, Sweetleaf Grinders are designed to stand the test of time. Their unique design ensures they are contoured to the shape of your hand, so using them couldn’t be easier. If you’re looking for a handy way to cut your weed on-the-go or you want to ensure your heavy duty cutting requirements are catered for, you can’t go wrong with the Sweetleaf Original Grinder.

DHC Destroyer Bong

If you’re on a budget and you’re looking for a great glass bong at a good price, the DHC Destroyer could be right up your street. A 14mm fused downstem and 5mm glass thickness ensures the DHC Destroyer is as sturdy as can be. Whilst no glass bong will survive being thrown around in your bag, with a reasonable amount of care, the DHC Destroyer should have a good shelf-life. What’s more – the 14mm downstem means this particular bong is easy to accessorize. If you want to add extras to vary your hit, you should have no problems with the DHC Destroyer.

Inside, the honeycomb perc and vortex ensure you get a nice, smooth hit, although the combination of both means you may need to take a harder drag than you’re used to. However, the smoothness offered by the perc and vortex combo certainly makes it worthwhile.

Usually retailing at around $50, the DHC Destroyer is a great buy if you’re after a budget bong. Easy to use and easy to clean, it offers a lot of bang for your buck.

Path Pipe

Extremely popular with smokers, the Path Pipe is a faultless piece of equipment. Innovative, fun and highly functional, the Path Pipe has become the go-to option for many users. Its waterless filtration and slimline design ensures you can carry it with you wherever you go, whilst its epic functionality means it’s almost unrivaled.

The handy cover ensures the device is completely covered when it’s not in use, and it even contains odors, so you won’t need to worry about anyone picking up the scent of your weed. After all, with hits this good, who wants to share?

Packed with a full bowl, you can take the Path Pipe with you on-the-go, and always have a hit ready. The built-in poker, whilst slightly small, makes packing the pipe effortless, and the built-in storage ensures you’ll never misplace it.

Perhaps one of its greatest features is its maze-life path, hence its name. The Path Pipe doesn’t just give you a convenient way to smoke, it delivers a satisfying hit every time. Not only does the path look great and give your pipe a unique appearance, it offers enhanced functionality too. Designed to cool the smoke as it travels along the path, the design improves your hit and makes for a more enjoyable smoking experience. In addition to this, the path offers some filtration too, so you’ll notice a smoother hit than you’re used to.

If you get through pipes quickly and are used to them breaking in your pocket or your bag, you’ll never have to worry again. The Path Pipe is manufactured from aluminum and designed to be sturdy and robust. In fact, it’s not just any old aluminum which goes into the Path Pipe, but aircraft-grade aluminum, with an added top-quality anodized finish. Practically unbreakable, you can rely on this gem to stay secure at all times, regardless of how much it gets knocked around in your bag.

Available in two colors; black or silver, the Path Pipe looks stylish too. With exceptional functionality and stunning design, it’s no surprise that pipe aficionados have embraced the Path Pipe wholeheartedly. Usually costing around $75, the Path Pipe may not be the cheapest pipe on the market, but its well worth its price tag. Built to last, it even comes with a lifetime warranty, so you should find that its $75 very well spent.

Hakuna Mahogany Stash Box

Having somewhere to keep your weed is essential, and having something like the Hakuna Mahogany Stash Box simply adds to the pleasure. Part of Hakuna’s Signature Line, the Mahogany Stash Box elevates your storage to the next level. Exquisitely crafted, it features three separate compartments, so there’s plenty of room to organize your weed, joints and equipment. In addition to this, there’s a handy tray to make rolling easier. Easy to remove, the in-built rolling tray ensures you can roll a joint within seconds of opening your stash box.

An elegant brass lock sets off the design, giving it aesthetic appeal, but it’s also effective at keeping your stash away from prying eyes. If you’re storing your stash in a shared home or you have young ones around, having a secure and lockable device is absolutely essential, and the Hakuna Mahogany Stash Box might be just what you’re looking for.

Also available in walnut, Hakuna’s signature stash boxes retail at around $99.99, so they’re not the cheapest around. However, their elegance and design means they offer the ultimate in storage.

If you want to benefit from Hakuna’s design-led pieces, they do have a range of alternative stash boxes on offer. For straightforward storage, their stash jars come in a range of sizes and offer various designs on their wooden lids. Whilst they don’t offer a locking feature, Hakuna’s stash jars offer useful storage with enhanced designs, and with a price range of $9.95 upwards, it’s hard to find a better value.

If you’re looking for something in between Hakuna’s signature line and their stash jars, the Hakuna Original Stash Box might be right up your alley. Retailing at around $50, the Original Black Box offer stylish storage options, with four separate compartments. Made from wood and coated in black lacquer, the Original Stash Box has a glossy and stylish finish, whilst its solid wood build gives it a weighty and robust feel. Secure magnetic storage and individualized compartment organizations means the Original Black Box is highly versatile and can be adapted to suit your needs and smoking style. Now available in six designs, and also offered in a refreshing natural pine alternative, Hakuna’s Original Stash Box is excellent value and a perfect mid-price storage choice.

Water Puff Portable Bong

If you prefer to get your hit from a bong, but you want to have ready access to weed on the go, the Water Puff Portable Bong might be what you’re looking for. Made with clear glass and featuring a handy plastic nozzle, the Water Puff Portable Bong can be attached to almost any plastic bottle to give you an instant hit. Its rubber grommet joint is lightweight and easy-to-use, so you can simply slide this portable bong into your pocket or bag and be ready to enjoy a hit wherever you are.

Available at around $20, the Water Puff Portable Bong is a budget-friendly and fun piece of equipment. Ensuring you have portable accessories on hand whenever you need them, there’s no reason not to buy this fantastic little extra.

POUNDS Starship Dab Rig

If you like your cannabis concentrated, you’re probably already the proud owner of a dabber. Delivering a strong hit, usually from butane hash oil (BHO), dabbing has grown in popularity in recent years, and it’s fast becoming one of the most popular ways to consume marijuana. Whilst there are an array of dabbing tools and accessories on the market, the POUNDS Starship dab rig is popular with beginners and newcomers.

At just 6” tall, the Starship model is technically a mini rig, but that won’t stop you feeling the effects. Its all-in-one approach means it’s ideal for users who are new to dabbing, and its quartz concentrate nail and dry herb slide ensures it has great dual function. What’s more – the ruffled filter and domed dab means it’s easy to use and delivers a cleaner taste.

Whilst some dabbing enthusiasts opt for domeless equipment, ensures vapors are well-contained so that you get a consistent high, and it also means that less is wasted. Although the Spaceship is a fairly small dab rig, this doesn’t limit its potency. In fact, with less water required, you can get more smoke with each hit and a faster high.

Furthermore, its small size means its perfect to move around and take with you to a friend’s house or when you’re traveling. Whilst larger dabbing equipment is available, shorter pieces tend to be far sturdier and less breakable. With a curved mouthpiece situated away from the nail, the POUNDS Starship also takes your safety into account and ensures you can embrace concentrated cannabis with minimal risks.

Despite an intricate and interesting design, the POUNDS Starship is surprisingly easy to clean, so this will keep your maintenance costs down and mean you’re ready to go at a moment’s notice. Available in four colors, you can opt for wicked white, bold black, classic clear or grass green, and the packaging won’t let you down either. Delivered in a signature POUNDS box, the overall design of the rig is superb. With the perfect mix of style and functionality, the POUNDS Starship Dab Rig is ideal for beginners and experienced dabbers alike.

WeedgetSMART Filter Adapter

Designed to offer a smoother taste and texture, the WeedgetSMART Filter Adapter is one of the most innovative cannabis accessories to hit the market. With cooler and cleaner puffs every time, this well-designed device prevents pesky coughing fits and enhances your smoking experience.

Whilst the WeedgetSMART Filter Adapter is commonly used with joints, the varying designs ensure you can find the perfect Filter Adaptor for your preferred inhalation device. With numerous sizes and styles available, you can add the WeedgetSMART Filter Adapter to joints, pipes, pre-rolls and one-hitters.

With your health in mind, the WeedgetSMART Filter Adapter helps to prevent ash, resin clumps and flower particles from being ingested. Designed to be used with 8mm carbon filters, using the WeedgetSMART Filter Adapter helps to remove potentially harmful toxins, without reducing the potency or flavor of your weed or vapor.

Exceptionally easy-to-use, you simply add the Filter Adapter to the equipment you’re using or to your joint, and smoke as normal. With the WeedgetSMART Filter Adapter in place, you’ll notice an infinitely smoother and softer inhalation. Manufactured from top-quality, food-grade silicone, the device is easy-to-clean and highly portable. Simply use a splash of alcohol and a Q-Tip to thoroughly clean your Filter Adapter after use, and it will be ready for your next hit as soon as you are.

If you love the green and you want to stay green, you’ll be pleased to know that the WeedgetSMART Filter Adapter is both recyclable and sustainable. For environmentally-friendly and eco-conscious users, the WeedgetSMART Filter Adapter is the perfect way to enjoy your hit.

There’s nothing better than enjoying a high with friends, but sharing joints or equipment can put your health at risk. With a budget-friendly Filter Adapter, you can minimize the spread of viruses and germs, whilst improving your hit at the same time!

With two WeedgetSMART Filter Adapters coming in at just $9.99, these innovative little devices are a must-have for new users and experienced rollers. Purchase a double pack for personal use, or opt for our mixed bundle, featuring a range of sizes and shapes. If you regularly switch equipment or you enjoy varying your inhalation methods, a bundle pack of WeedgetSMART Filter Adapters is the cheapest and most effective way to ensure you’ll always have the adapter you need on hand.

Taking your health, your safety and your high into account, if you only buy one cannabis accessory this year, the WeedgetSMART Filter Adapter should be it. 

MUN Carbon-Lined Odor-Cancelling Stash Bag

Transporting your stash isn’t always easy, particularly in professional environments. With the MUN Carbon-Lined Odor-Cancelling Stash Bag, however, you can carry your stash discreetly in any environment. Measuring 6.5” by 4.5”, this stash bag is big enough to store everything you need, yet small enough to be easy-to-carry. Effortlessly stylish, its light slate colored design ensures its in keeping with a range of styles. Furthermore, the detachable handle and zipper means it’s supremely functional.

Lined with carbon, you can keep your weed to yourself with the odor-cancelling MUN Stash Bag. Designed to offer a discreet way to transport marijuana, you won’t have to worry about a tell-tale smell of weed alerting those around you to your goods. Made from Oxford Polyester, the MUN Carbon-Lined Odor-Cancelling Stash Bag is even water-resistant, so you can protect your stash if you’re out and about in poor weather conditions.

Available for less than $30, the MUN Carbon-Lined Odor-Cancelling Stash Bag is the perfect way to store and move your weed. If you want to ensure your stash remains discreet at all times, this stylish stash bag certainly delivers.

High Times Beaker Bong

Featuring two decals and an ice pinch, the High Times Beaker Bong is just what you need for an everyday high. Retailing at $99.99, it’s an ideal buy if you don’t want to splash too much cash, but you still want a good quality piece of equipment.

Made in the USA, with 50mm glass thickness, the High Times Beaker Bong is strong enough to withstand frequent use, and robust enough to make it long-lasting (in the right conditions!). A 5.5 downstem made from glass ensures a wide variety of accessories can be added at your will. Furthermore, the 1” diameter glass bowl and 12” beaker with ice pinch gives the High Times Beaker Bong a classic look and feel.

Easy to clean and simple to use, the ice pinch gives you added control over the temperature and ensures you can get the perfect hit, every time. Ideal for newbies who want a great all-rounder or experienced smokers who want to add to their collection, the High Times Beaker Bong won’t let you down.

Carve Designs Geekey

The ultimate multi-tool, the Geekey by Carve Designs doubles up as a handy bowl, as well as metric closed wrench, imperial closed wrench, bottle opener, ruler, file, smoking pipe, open wrench, wire bender, bike spoke key and a driver. In fact, there isn’t much this handy little device can’t do.

If you want to be prepared for every occasion, the Geekey should be your constant companion. Built from 420 Stainless Steel, Carve Designs have ensured the Geekey will stand the test of time, and its slimline design ensures it’s supremely portable. Coming in at just 29mm by 70mm, with a thickness of only 5mm, there’s nowhere you can’t take the Geekey.

As well as being an extremely handy utility tool, the Geekey is also perfect for surreptitious smoking. With so many features, the in-built smoking bowl and pipe won’t be noticeable to the uninitiated, but it will deliver that much-needed hit whenever you need it.

Available for only $26.99, the Geekey is ideal for smokers who are constantly on the go. Whether you’re out hiking, riding a bike or sat around with friends, the myriad of tools featured on the Geekey will always come in handy, and the innovative bowl and pipe design ensures it will be your go-to inhalation device.

Dr Dabber Switch Vaporizer

If you like trying out the latest gadgets, and you love a decent hit, the Dr Dabber Switch Vaporizer is for you. Whilst traditional dabbers offer an intense hit, they can be a little difficult to use. The use of heating equipment with standard dabbers adds a few safety concerns into the mix, but the cutting-edge Switch Vaporizer negates the need for heating elements at all. Offering you all the intensity of dabbing, without the complexity, the Dr Dabber Switch is a must-try for any dabbing enthusiasts.

Using patent-pending heating technology, the Dr Dabber Switch gives you five straightforward heating profiles, whilst the pro mode delivers a whopping 25 customizable heat options. Furthermore, the unique technology behind the switch means that it only takes 4-6 seconds to heat up, giving you an insanely fast hit. Fully charged in just 60 minutes, the Switch delivers 150 hits with each charge, so it will keep going longer than you can!

4” wide at its base and standing at 10” tall, the Dr Dabber Switch is compact and user-friendly, so it’s perfect for beginners and experienced dabbers. Packed with every accessory and tool you’ll need, you can take the Switch out of the box and put it to use right away.

Cannabolish Cannabis Odor Removing Set

Whilst you might relish the sweet aroma of weed, it isn’t popular with everyone. Unfortunately, there are times when you it’s best to keep your stash under wraps, and the Cannabolish Cannabis Odor Removing Set is the perfect way to do it. With a home spray, travel spray and candle, you can minimize and remove the odor of marijuana from any location.

Using only natural ingredients, Cannabolish have managed to create effective odor removing products without the need for harsh chemicals or overpowering fragrances. With this luxurious set, you can make smoke odors disappear, without leaving an unpleasant after-smell. A snip at just $30, it’s the perfect way to keep your home, your car and your clothes scent-free.

Heir Waterpipe

Designed for cannabis connoisseurs, the Heir Waterpipe is a fantastic piece of equipment. Sleek lines ensure it’s easy to hold and easy to use – however high you get! – the Heir Waterpipe is also easy to light. Whilst its clean lines and contemporary design add to the aesthetic appeal of this waterpipe, they also ensure it’s easy to clean.

Created from a mix of soda lime glass, ceramic, stainless steel and rubber, the Heir Waterpipe feels as good as it looks. At just 4” by 6” by 13”, it’s substantial enough for shared use, yet sleek and compact enough to store easily.

Featuring an easy-loading bowl, the surrounding platter will catch any remnants from your grinder when you’re filling the Heir Waterpipe, so there’s minimal waste when you’re using this stylish inhalation device. In addition to this, the extended downstem offers advanced temperature control, which means you benefit from an even colder hit.

Available in both gold and silver, the Heir Waterpipe isn’t the cheapest option out there, but it’s worth every dollar. Retailing at around $260, it’s a great option if you want to treat yourself to a stylish and effective waterpipe.

Beautiful Burns Rolling Papers and Pre-Rolled Cones

With endless designs to choose from, these rolling papers and pre-rolled cones add character to your joint. Choose from Unicorn Dreams, Vivacious Violet, South Beach, Mermaid Lagoon and many, many more. Available in bulk packs, you can pick up six pre-rolled cones for as little as $5.99, so they’re a cheap and cheerful way to add some extra fun into your smoking experience. Of course, they’re a great conversation-starter too! Treat yourself to these snazzy pre-rolled cones and rolling papers or treat your weed-loving friends to a special gift.

OTTO Electric Miller and Grinder

If you want the most efficient way to grind your weed and roll a joint, the OTTO Electric Miller and Grinder may be just what you’re looking for. Simply place pre-rolled cones in the loading section, separate the two halves of the device to add your herb and clamp them shut. From there, all you need to do is place the OTTO on top of the loading section and hit the go button!

With seconds, the OTTO Electric Miller and Grinder will grind your weed and deliver a tightly-packed cone for you to enjoy. The exceptional manufacturing quality ensures that every joint it prepares is unique. The OTTO features an intelligent circuit board, which assess the weight, texture and density of your weed, before determining the appropriate grinding pressure and speed. This alone sets the OTTO Electric Miller and Grinder apart from many similar products on the market, and it ensures you’ll get the perfect consistency with every joint.

Complete with funnel, filling tube, cleaning tool, charging cable, measuring cup, fresh seal cone tube, storage cap and 20 pre-rolled cones, the OTTO Electric Miller and Grinder comes with everything you need to get started. (Well, you’ll need to supply your own herb!). Priced at around $139, it’s not the cheapest electric grinder on the market, but it is one of the best.

Ideal for anyone who wants to grind the perfect consistency and smoke a perfectly-packed joint, the OTTO Electric Miller and Grinder is particularly useful for smokers who find it difficult to roll their joints or grind their weed. If you’re using marijuana for medicinal purposes, for example, and you struggle with dexterity or fine motor skills, the OTTO Electric Miller and Grinder makes the perfect joint for you. Ensuring excellent consistency, tightly-packed joints and minimal effort, the OTTO Electric Miller and Grinder is a must-have accessory for anyone who requires a little assistance when rolling the perfect joint.

The vast array of cannabis accessories on the market means you’ll never be short of choice when it comes to finding bongs, pipes, rolling papers, filters and rigs. With options to suit all budgets and styles, it’s easy to find the perfect accessories to improve your smoking experience. From fun, novelty items for a couple of bucks to top-quality, pro-grade equipment, the right tools can enhance the flavor and hit, as well as the high.

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