MAZE-X Pipe - Patented Waterless Filtration & Cooling Technology

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Our all new MAZE-X Pipe with unprecedented smoke smoothness - how every pipe should be, lots less coughing and more protection for your lungs. This incredible MAZE-X Pipe has a patented cough-less technology inside, drastically cooling smoke and removing hot resin and tar, so it does not burn your tongue or throat.

Designed for short gentle puffs, this pipe creates the safest, lightest & smoothest hits ever.


  • Body & Bowl Cover: Medical Grade Silicone
  • Handle: Anodized Aircraft Grade Thick Aluminum for Cooler Smoke
  • Bowl: Borosilicate Glass


  • No Metal Taste
  • Easiest Pipe to Clean
  • Cools Off Smoke
  • Blocks Resin & Tar
  • Will Not Burn Your Throat
  • Makes Smoke Cleaner
  • Will Not Break on Falls
  • Allows You to Use Charcoal Filters 

Very easy to clean with isopropyl alcohol or grease removing soap and water.

NOTE: There may be some color variation with the blue option after the aluminum goes through an anodization process. 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 45 reviews

I've been an all glass person for like, ever.

But this is a totally great hand pipe and my first of this type. I do not regret choosing the maze x. A bit over priced. You hit this a tiny bit too hard and it's INTENSE. Smooth, yes. I would buy it again if I happen to lose this one. Think I'll enjoy for a long time.

Robert Amsler
Doc Gage's review

I first noticed this pipe when someone from this company shared it on their Instagram. I jumped at the chance to have a nice long pull from a waterless pipe for the full flavor effect without the burn. What I like is that it definitely does cool down the smoke to a minimal with slow smooth pulls. It does exactly what it claims. What I do not like is that the bowl is very small. After just 1 use you need to clean it to have a tasty pull again. Pretty much all of the junk is captured underneath the bowl...which is why it needs to be cleaned after every use. I cannot agree with the $100 price tag though.

GOAT pipe.

Been smoking 50 years. I have asthma & have struggled nearly th whole time 2 get decent hit without choking up.
UNTIL I bought th Maze X. I can finally enjoy a bowl. THANK YOU WEEDGETS 4 TH GOAT PIPE.😎

Cool Puffs

Bet I Love it bro. Cold puffs just like they should be. It’s actually really easy to clean, much easier than I expected.

Ian Lenhart
The BEST pipe on the market

I love my Maze-X. It is so easy to clean, hits so smoothly, and I love that I know I’m being good to my body by smoking it. Thank you to the Weedgets team for building an amazing product!!!

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