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Enhance Your High with Weedgets Best Selling MAZE-X Pipe
Weedgets MAZE-X Pipe

Patented Technology

The Tesla of Smoking Devices

Waterless cooling and filtration technology, made from an unbreakable, medical grade silicone material that cools and cleans the smoke before ever reaching your throat, without the tongue or throat burn!

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Customer reviews


I own the pipe and the filters and there is nothing like it!! Love it.

– Douglas Leighton

Since buying one I haven’t smoked without using it, this product is great quality and makes smoking much more enjoyable. It catches all unwanted bits of ash and flower preventing you from inhaling them. I have also noticed it makes the smoke feel a lot cooler and less harsh. Definitely don’t regret this purchase

– Bellamcvane
Los Angeles, CA

Buy!!! Best think I’ve ever bought works great especially if you wear long nails.

– Christina Robinson

If you don't know about Weedgets yet, now you know. Game changers.

– Ron Millward

I freaking love my Weedgets filter tips. I was skeptical at first, but I've probably only smoked a dozen or so joints without one over the past 8-10 months. Such a simple design, but such a big difference in smoking.

– Clean Piece Toronto
Toronto, Canada
Weedgets MAZE-X Pipe

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Patented Filtration Technology

Smoke travels through a long silicone maze path before reaching your throat, so no unwanted tar, resin or "scoobie snacks."

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To create enhanced wellness via comfortable, clean and eco-friendly smoking devices, which rival the inhalation experience of vaping. Our company is committed to promoting all the health benefits of the natural cannabis plant; its terpenes and other healing properties delivered in the entourage effect, via our exclusively designed products. Weedgets enhances the experience of inhalation for both the recreational consumer and the medical patient.

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Our newest product featuring patented cooling technology that changes your smoking experience entirely.
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Our best selling product featuring a discreet slider to conserve and conceal your stash.
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